Saturday, October 8, 2016

The battle of IT

The day that I stop learning, well that'll be the last day of my life.  Since I've barely scratched the surface of what I want to learn, let's hope for a long, long life.

So what did I learn yesterday?  Grammar!  I hate grammar - well, it's not that I hate it, it's that I don't have that great of a knowledge base of English Grammar.  While I enjoy writing, there are a lot of rules that one must follow in order to make oneself understood properly. I do try to use a grammar checker but even that isn't always accurate. Sometimes, it gives me suggestions that - well just don't make sense.

However, yesterday I learned something MAJOR!  IT   Yes, the day was all about IT.  I know what "it's" means.  It's a contraction, a short form of it is. That's easy. But I swear that the possessive form was its'. Someone at work caught it on a document I was writing. "NO WAY!", I exclaimed when the faux pas was pointed out to me.  I always thought the possessive form was with the apostrophe. Checked the internet for a grammar sight and OH MY GOD.  I wonder how many times, I've written ITS'??????   And where did I pick that up from????

When I got home, I checked my grammar book and on PAGE ONE, they talk about this.

"1. Form the possessive singular of nouns by adding 's.  "

Doesn't that statement make you want to close the book.  What, exactly, do they mean by that?

"The pronomial possessives hers, its, theirs, yours and ours have no apostrophe. "   This was taken from The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr and E.B. White.  Hmmmm - I think, I'll be taking that book to work. Maybe I need an extra copy.  Maybe I NEED to read the darn thing, especially on some of those problem areas.

So there you have IT!

Today is the first day of a three-day sewing marathon.  I'm not sure why I'm even blogging. The amount that needs to be done is staggering and I'm only going to focus on today, one project at a time. And when the time runs out, the projects are done!  It's pretty simple!

I had some trimming to do this morning and my little scrap basket was getting full.  Now two more pet mats are waiting to be picked up later this weekend. Off to make some kitty cat a nice warm bed.

Two more pet mats
 That gets rid of the scraps that I brought back from the retreat. There are the bigger pieces which are NOT really scraps and those need to be sorted and put away.

I've been on the hunt for my little project notebook. I had taken it to a lecture a couple of weeks ago and do you think I can find that darn thing? Then in the middle of the night, a couple of days ago, I woke up thinking about that book and the fact that it is likely in the purple magazine holder that I had also taken to the lecture. Now where is the purple magazine holder??  How hard is that to find, or to lose for that matter?  Unless I left it at the guild?  I can't imagine I did that.  Well, I'm on the hunt for that. At least a magazine holder, and a purple one no less, should be easier to find than a small book!

Back to some photos from the retreat. This was the sunset one evening. It was beautiful and we were smack in the middle of farm country. Some days, that was pretty clear by just taking a whiff.


I found some more pictures of our "class" for the Scrap Crazy quilt (templates by Karen Montgomery). Here Mary Beth is teaching everyone how to use the templates.

Listening very attentively!

Mary Beth giving us the demo

Blocks starting to be assembled

Me with my layer cake

Layer cake is cut out
 I'm still in shock that I cut that layer cake up on a whim.  I never do that!!!!

Chain piecing

Finished quilts - one was missing

As I mentioned the other day, once a project was finished, we put it on the design wall. And I took my license plate quilt for show n tell and it went on the wall as well.

The wall of fame!!!

This morning was crazy.  Lexi and I arrive at the dog park. She does her business right away. It then proceeds to POUR. We hop back in the car, she is NOT happy and now that the rain has cleared up, I have to find a pair of dry pants and we're back to the dog park!

Have an awesome day!!!


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