Monday, October 17, 2016

If only.......

The days are speeding by faster than I can think.  I dare not count how many days I have left to work on these projects.  Nope - total denial. I'm like a horse with blinders on.  I am only looking straight ahead at the current project. 

Based on the quantity of stuff, it was a tad overwhelming. So here's what I did that allowed me to focus a bit. OK - helped me focus a LOT. And this is exactly the same way I work when I'm at a sewing retreat.  I don't have the same amount of space at a sewing retreat, but I have the same focus. I start one project and work it through to completion or whatever stage was next on the list.  

Why can't I do that all the time???

Anyway, here's what my studio is looking like these days.  There's the sewing station. That Husqvarna Viking Opal 690Q is a little work horse. There isn't one thing that has caused it problems.  Just a few operator errors when it came time to do some free motion as it's been a while since I've done free motion on a domestic sewing machine.  But it all looks good!!!!  Notice how much space there is surrounding the sewing machine - no distractions!

The sewing space
Next up is the cutting space.  Again, notice how much available space there is.  I have serious cutting to do and working on half a mat isn't going to cut it. It took all of a few minutes to put the few things that were on the cutting table away and well - I've loads of room to work!

Loads of space on the cutting table
Now here's a new space that I set up. I have a LOT of borders to put on and there just isn't always the length that I need on the cutting table - see those things on the right-hand side. So I took a set of chair risers and raised one of my work tables up.  Now I have an area that is completely devoted to measuring and pinning borders.  And it's the right height.  I'm in love with this new area and I think I might keep it like this!!!

The border/pinning area
Of course, there is the pressing area which again is clear.  That fabric on the left is part of the current project and needs to be there.

Pressing area

This next picture might shock you so if you're faint of heart, you may want to turn away. But trust me there is a very logical order in this scenario!!!!

You see the curved edge on the left-hand side??  Those are the piles of current URGENT projects that need to be done (one just requires a photo!). The stuff in behind is stuff that I need to put away, sort through or sew up.  There hasn't been time to deal with that for a couple of weeks so it's all sitting there.  I'm happy to report that the line on the left-hand side is shorter than when this picture was taken!!!

The project list
Now here's my "if only......."

The other day, I mentioned that I was missing that quilt top.  The moment I hit PUBLISH for the blog and went downstairs, guess what?  Yes - I found that quilt top.

Then yesterday, I hit PUBLISH, went downstairs, sat at the sewing machine and said, "I know where that extra pin cushion is!"  And there is was. Sitting beside the radio that I turn on EVERY DAY.

The missing pincushion
It's funny how the brain processes information.

Now I've been missing another important piece of paper and guess what - when I really had a look at where it was supposed to be - there it was!!!!

I believe that I'm only missing two things now.  One is a pattern for an upcoming class. It's not with the project box. But - wait - I might know where it is?  And the second thing is my little book which I would really really like to find.  I've written about that one on several occasions and no luck in finding it. But I'm afraid that one day, my eyes will actually see it. It's probably out in the open, like the pin cushion but my brain is too busy to see it!!!

As I mentioned, the chair pincushion is not really being used as a pincushion and here's the bear back on his comfy cushion!

Back in his cushy chair

And while my preference is for the magnetic pin cushion, I'm happy with these two.  The one is very practical and the other has good memories.  I'll stick with both. As you can see, one is empty, the other is full.  Now the full one will go on the pinning station and the empty will go beside the sewing machine. Saves a lot of steps!  My FitBit won't be happy, but more productive that way.

Two pin cushions
I mentioned that I have a lot of cutting to do.  Well, here was the scrap basket on Friday.

Scrap basket on Friday
And look at it this morning.

Scrap basket on Monday
I don't have a pet mat ready to put all the scraps in. I better create one tonight and empty this.

On that note, I've got a lot of quilting, sewing, fussing around to do and I had better get started!!!!

Have a super day!


And have a read through Mary Fons blog today.  I LOVE her new saying and it is so true.  Check it out  - something to contemplate the next time you aim for perfection with your quilt.

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  1. I'm looking for motivation for my own sewing area - perhaps this will help.