Saturday, October 22, 2016

Progress is being made.......

It's a bit cold outside this morning and of course Miss Lexi would NOT miss her time at the dog park. My fingers are still thawing out so typing is a tad slow.  

Lots of last minute details to work out yesterday so only had time to put the binding on ONE quilt.  No worries.  I managed to get one more on this morning - they don't take that long so I'm going to do what I can. 

I came home and emptied the bags and laid the projects all out on the floor again. 

My visual TO DO list
And as I am completing the projects or checking off my list of things for the presentations, they go into these two bags. 

Projects are done and ready to be packed

There is much to be done, but I feel pretty confident that I can get a lot done later today (have to teach today - yes all day!!!!   What were the chances of that?   Nope - I'm not good at scheduling!!!!   I still have all day tomorrow and nothing that I'm making is big so that is a bonus!

I have only two quilt sleeves to put on - thankfully and nothing will be labeled - that can happen later. I had watched a video on how to put on quilt sleeves and I thought I would try it.  I'm not sure I'm convinced that I like this way.  I think I prefer my method.  Let's see how straight these hang and then I'll decide.

Sleeve to be hand sewn

Taking the sleeve with me and hopefully between classes and while the group is working, I can get the sleeve sewn on.  Oh yes, I've got a plan, I've got a schedule and let's hope that nothing deviates me from that.

Here's something that I find particularily annoying. I won't give you the specific times this situation has happened, but I've seen it happen in ALL organizations or other walks of life.  Someone, let's call her Person A as I don't want to pick a name.  So Person A has an issue with something and a lot of times that issue is because of a personal relationship with another person  (Person B). Person A complains and makes a nuisance of herself, both to the group and to Person B.  So much so that Person B is very uncomfortable and the organization spends LOADS of time and effort tyring to make the siutation better.

Why is that?  Why is so much time WASTED because Person A is a trouble maker and wants to cause waves for whatever her reasons are.  I've seen this over and over and over and over again!!!  The amount of time spent is incredible.  Here's how I think the problem should be solved once and for all.

Person A has a complaint or observation
Person B (or a mediary) should acknowledge, get all the information from Person A about the complaint
Person B (or the organization) should then do some investigation - is the complaint valid, if there is money involved (and there almost always is!) what is the amount and how much time does everyone want to spend addressing the issue.
Persaon B (or the organization) should consult Person A - have a conversation and NEVER let the subject rear its ugly head again!!!!!   We're giving way too much time to the Person A's of our lives.

And if you're a Person A - seriously!!!!    Get a life!   I've seen issues over small amounts of money - less than $30 that went on and on and on forever and what a waste of time.  I realize that it's never the actual amount of money, but it's the principal, it's the ego, it's the "I'M RIGHT" attitude.  Well get over it.  I'm so sick and tired of all the BS.

Until we all start addressing Person A and not letting them drive us crazy, then the Person As of the world will continue their pettiness. For the most part, I don't have any Person As in my life. Thankfully.

On that note - it's going to be a super super day!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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