Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sticky situation

A couple of weeks ago, someone from the gym gave me a bag of quilting stuff that they no longer wanted. The intention had been to make her mother a jacket.  It was obvious from the contents of the bag that the person had never done any quilting before. A new (small) cutting mat, small rotary cutter were in the bag, along with the pattern and some fabric (all purchased from Earthly Good in Edmonton). That is one of the bags that is currently sitting on the floor in that area. 

There was some fusible fleece which has long since been put into a project - I don't even remember where it got used. There was some Wonder Under which I put in with the rest of my fusible products. 

Sooooooo - on the weekend, when I needed some pieces of fusible web, I grabbed this pack of Wonder Under and fused it to some fusible fleece, which had fusible on only one side and I needed the fusible fleece to have fusible on two sides.  Did that make sense?

However when I went to peel the paper away from the product - NO GO.  I tried everything, I tried to score the paper, I tried from the edge.  That paper from the Wonder Under was very firmly attached to the glue.  

The paper is very firmly stuck to the glue!

Thankfully, I hadn't wasted much of the fusible fleece as it could not be reused - the paper was firmly attached.  Guess where it all is now???  Yep - in the garbage. I don't throw much away, but that had to go.

Wonder Under does have a shelf life
Now I don't remember when she said she had attempted to make the jacket. I want to say that it was 15-20 years ago.  There's a lesson here. Don't stockpile fusible products (but we always knew that - didn't we?)  and use things up before you buy new, even if they're on sale, unless it is something you use very often!

I love getting things in the mail - don't you?  When I got home last night, there was this big box waiting for me.  Oh, what's in the box?  Oh yes, my parents were going to send me the stuff that I had left there when visiting.  I was heading to my bike trip and didn't want to cart around all this quilting stuff with me.  I know, it's sad when you have to ship your quilt purchases home from vacation.

Box from home!

Yes, it was a while ago that I was in Saskatchewan, but they needed to find a box big enough to add something else to the box.  Just wait. And if you're queasy - don't look closely at the next picture.

After dinner, I headed downstairs to open the box.  I grabbed a pair of scissors and proceeded to slice open the box. I have to say, that it was with a rather dramatic slice that I attempted to open the box. Next thing I knew, my thumb was bleeding profusely.  Yep, my thumb wasn't even on the box, but that dramatic swoop with the scissors slipped off the box and happened to find my thumb!

Oh GOD - I don't have time for this!!!  Run upstairs and grab toilet paper to staunch the flow of blood while keeping a FIRM pressure on the darn thing. It bled and bled.  OK - maybe for 10 minutes, maybe it was even 5 minutes. It seemed like an eternity since I needed to be back downstairs working.

My injury!

I hate bandages, but I had no choice because this was right on my thumb and I was going to open up that cut again so the bandage was there to protect it. I was expecting it to hurt a lot more, but once it stopped bleeding, it's been fine.

I always thought those scissors weren't sharp, but I guess they are!!!   They're titanium, SMOOTH flow or something like that written on them.

Sharp scissors
I shall pay heed to those scissors in the future.  At last, I was able to open the box.  And this is what was inside.

Inside the box was a bag filled with quilt goodies
The tote bag was from the family reunion that took place while I was there.

Tote bag
You'll have to wait to see what's in the bag.  I don't have time to unpack it and may not for a couple of weeks. But there are some awesome goodies in there!!!!

As if the cut on my thumb wasn't bad enough, I had cut my finger on the opposite hand at the dog park on Sunday. Because of the nature of that cut and the location, this one hurts!!!

One more cut!
I know - big baby - just suck it up!!!  Well, I am - I just wrote the above for your entertainment!!!

However, once I took the tote bag out of the box, what to do with the box?  I looked around and well - remember that big scrap basket on the cutting mat?

Basket of scraps on the cutting table

No time to make a bag to put the scraps in, so they got thrown into the box and I'll deal with it in a couple of weeks.

A big box of scraps!

I'm making excellent progress on my projects. I don't know how many bindings and backings I made last night. I cut out blocks and well, just had a merry old time.  Now if I could just have THREE more days, I would be a very happy camper!!!

And to remind you all, that I do NOT burn the midnight oil, Miss Lexi and I went to the dog park for an hour, I got to read before bed and lights out before 10 PM.  Drinking lots of water. So yes, I'm taking good care of myself - just not a lot of time for extra things.

On that note, it's time to get to work.

Have a super awesome day!


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  1. Crazy glue Elaine- that is what you need to keep handy- a good glue- I use it on finger injuries all the time so that I do not have to deal with bandaids! Just remember not to put your fingers together:)