Sunday, October 30, 2016

Visual overload!

There is so much to see - my brain is swirling with visions of new products, new collections, new gadgets and sadly I can't buy any of it!  But that's a good thing!   Actually, some people are selling stuff but I literally haven't had time to even look.

I had a small class on coloring yesterday morning. Hmmm - it seemed very complicated and I guess I was in the mood for something a bit lighter. But very cute and I did learn a few techniques. But holy cow -if you did not hold your crayon in the correct fashion.  

Oh - when I left my hotel room yesterday?  I made it downstairs and the restaurant wasn't even open - I had to wait!!!   So I opened up my notebook and scribbled a few more notes.

Had a couple of meetings which went well and then spent some time with a colleague as we walked the floor to check for designers. A couple of sessions and we managed to cover the entire floor in the one day.  I was getting a bit tired towards the end. I know - ME - who never wears out.  My knee is holding up pretty good - it's just swollen and nothing that can be done.

We were very focused in what we were searching for, so that's why we were able to do the floor so quickly.  Now I have two days to go back and scour the floor for me. But it's so cool to see the people walking around - the BIG NAME people. Alex Anderson is here again, saw Patrick Lose, Tula Pink, Julie from Jaybird and a whole lot more. We even saw Joey the Shop Dog who is the cutest little thing and the darn dog posed for me when I took his picture. Joey now has his own fabric collection!!!

Once the day was done, we headed out to dinner in a nearby restaurant and then we were off to the meet and greet for the Modern Quilt Guild.

It's been a great time so far and many people have stopped by the booth to chat or I've met them in the hallways.  Some pretty exciting stuff - the question will be - can we make it all happen?????

On that note - I'm out of here.  I'm hungry and it's now 6:30 so the restaurant will be open and I won't have to wait this time!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


PS - I've taken loads of pictures and will be taking more!!

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