Friday, October 14, 2016

Shifting deadlines

An interesting day.  It's always interesting when there's a ton of things to do, everything is set, nothing on the schedule to bug you and you have high hopes of accomplishing lots. And then everything seems to take twice as long as planned.  You know how it is "oh that will just take a couple of hours." And a couple hours more than a couple and it's finally done!   That seems to be my issue these days.  Oh, I can quilt a couple of quilts each day.  Well - NOT!  

Granted, this one was done custom with three borders and it was lap size.  The rest I have to do are smaller and getting overall designs.  There is NO time for fussing around. 

Quilt - DONE

Then I moved to piecing.  I always use the enders and leaders when I sew and several things were sitting there ready to be sewn together.  However, when I got a strip of that border for Vintage Moments done, it doesn't fit the quilt!!!!  After having a mild panic attack - hey Ronda's fit - mine should too!  Then I realized that I hadn't put the coping strip on the quilt.  OK - so that makes sense, but even with the measurement in the pattern, the border still won't fit.  I think I know what happened.  I cut the triangles and then some may have trimmed a bit more than necessary.  So I'll have to take some time on the weekend to figure out how I went wrong on that.

ACK - border pieces do not fit!
Not to worry as another ender and leader project was sitting on the cutting table.  You see when I went through the scrap bag that I brought back from the retreat, I found a bunch of triangle cut-offs.  Oh MY - we can't possibly throw those away.  So I rescued them and there was quite a stack.  Now I have an ender and leader project ready to go.

New ender/leader project 

I did some trimming this morning on yet another project.  I'm going to have to get focused and for the most part, I am - there is just a huge volume of stuff to be processed.  If thirty friends stopped by to pick up a project and each worked for 8 hours - we would be done in 8 hours!!!

Well, my new marathon deadline is December 1.  I was planning on sewing for "fun" at the upcoming retreat.  However a few phone calls yesterday changed that.  A couple of deadlines got changed.  Matter of fact, I got three e-mail/phone calls with three deadline issues!  Now how did that happen????   But I was able to take care of all three - going to be tight, but they are doable.  Just means much more focus!  And trying to work smarter!

It was my turn to run the program for one of my Modern Quilt Guilds last night.  We're putting together a charity quilt for QuiltCon in Savannah in February.  We all made blocks based on a pre-arranged theme and last night we figured out how to assemble the quilts - for yes - there will be two.  It was such a fun and very interesting evening and I love how one idea will tumble from someone else's suggestions.  No pictures, but you'll see the finished quilt at some point and QuiltCon isn't that far off.

While out in Waterloo, I had to stop and pick up a few things.  One of which were these.

Election signs

Yep - there are brand news ones.  I think I'm set for election signs for the rest of my life!!!!  So if you have some, I probably don't need them. But thanks for the offer!!!!

On that note, let's see how much of my "TO DO" list that I can actually accomplish today.  I've been out the last two nights and that cut into my production schedule.

Have a great day!!!


BTW - I think that Lexi has been at the computer again!

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