Friday, October 7, 2016

Row by row - the never ending experience

Row by row is just one of those things that never ends!   While I didn't go crazy with the license plate buying this year, I still managed to accumulate a few.  I should give them a count one day, but I have a feeling that a few more are yet to come in. 

I also know that I have a couple of duplicates now so if anyone is wanting to trade, I might have one or two. Although I won't know for sure until the end of November when I think I'll have received everything. 

These ones were picked up in Atlantic Canada. 

License plates from Eastern Canada
And when I was in Pennsylvania, I saw one in one of the shops and of course, I had to have it!!!   It's how I feel every day when I'm not at the sewing machine!

US license plate
And when I was on the retreat, I got this cool ruler from one of the participants.  That was very thoughtful of her.  I have a feeling that I got one of them last year as well.

Row by row ruler

So there's a very good reason why you should clean the surface of your tablet on a regular basis.  I noticed mine sitting on the kitchen table this morning.  YIKES!

I keep telling myself that I'm not hooked on that stupid solitaire game, but the surface of the tablet tells me otherwise!!!!   That's it - I'm cleaning that tablet and NO MORE GAME.  I don't play it often and after downloading a book, I played the game even less.    BTW - I actually enjoyed reading that book on the tablet, now that I figured out I just have to touch the screen to turn the page, no swiping.  Swiping brings up the dictionary or some other silly thing.

And as I was having lunch yesterday and reading a book book, I realized that reading from the tablet is easier when eating because you don't have to hold the book open.  Sigh - I guess I may be moving into the electronic world slowly but surely.  However, I still love the portability of a real book. Just means I'll have to read two books at once!

Update on the knee - this Sierrasil stuff is like a miracle. I still stunned by the difference in my knee. While I'm still not out of the woods and still have pain, it is NOTHING compared to what it was. I can actually walk Lexi at a good clip and only near the end do I start to feel uncomfortable.  While I have many things to be thankful for this weekend, I am truly thankful that I found this "miracle drug". I feel so much better!!!!   And yes, while checking out a comment on my blog about Sierrasil, did you know that you can get it for your dog as well????  I don't think Miss Lexi needs it just yet, but if ever she does, I'll be buying it for her!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have an awesome day!!!!




  2. Hi Elaine, I'm also a quilter, a biker and a SierraSil user:) It helps with my sore knees from running half marathons and now I'm scared to go off of it! So glad you're sharing it with your readers. Thanks also for calling me out on my dirty ipad screen, where does all that finger grease come from?!