Saturday, October 15, 2016

How many sewing machines does one need?

We'ver all been part of one of those conversations with our friends.  How many sewing machine do you have?  Some say one, some say two, some say - well, you pick a number.

However, here's the thing - How many do you have versus how many do you actually use? I do have a few machines. I won't say how many, but there are more than two.  At any given point, at least two of the machines are set up and ready to go.  One of the machines is set up for embroidery and while I don't do a lot, it seems that I'm doing more these days. One is currently set up for sewing. And yesterday, I was using both of them AND the long arm.

This machine is set up for embroidery.

Doing embroidery

The other was set up to stitch backings, batting and bindings or whatever else needed to be done.

Piecing batting

It was a heads-down kind of day. I went from the long arm to the embroidery machine to the sewing machine. Did I get my 10,000 steps in?  You bet I did!

Did I get a lot accomplished?  Yes, I did but doesn't seem like it was enough.  I had to make the backing for one quilt and join the batting. Then I got three quilts quilted and I did a fair amount of embroidery on one piece. Sorry - can't show you any of them, but someday!

What's left?  Well, nothing too hard and nothing huge. Will it all get done?  I think so - I'm feeling pretty optimistic about now.

Later today, I'll be trimming quilts and putting on the binding. I don't have enough backing for some of the quilts, so making a shopping list and will deal with that on Monday.  Got one last design that I'm not quite happy with, but I have an idea and then to the cutting mat with that one.

Oh yes - prepping for a big show - actually, two shows and two presentations at once is a challenge, to say the least!

I also managed to get ONE of the three crisis that arose yesterday dealt with.  A smidgen more paperwork today and that one will be put to bed.  The other two don't have deadlines until November/December so I should be good on those.

Now here is something to ponder.  I was giving a trunk show the other night with a wonderful group of ladies at the Yorkshire Rose Quilt Guild.  The topic was scrap quilts.  As they were opening up my quilts, I realized that one of them is missing and I had brought another one that I thought was the missing quilt. It's a top that I just finished at the retreat I was just at.

Do you think I can find that top???   I've no idea where it has gone. It must be in the same place as that purple magazine holder.  I mean, how can you lose something like either of those items - they are big!   So the question is - where the heck are those items.  I would really like to get my hands on both, in particular, I want/need that little book of mine.  Oh shoot - something to do on a rainy day - look for the missing items. They can't be buried, I just had them within the last 4 weeks.

On that note, got to finish prepping for my class this morning.

Have a great day!!!


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