Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Don't leave me alone!

It's a bit of a sad day as most of our team either left yesterday or they have left this morning. I came down to the lobby early and chatted to them as they waited for their rides.  Now I wait for the rest of the new group to come tomorrow. Oops - just saw a couple more who will likely be leaving soon.  It's just weird as I'm not going home with them.

Yesterday was the last day of Quilt Market. I barely had time to get around the entire floor.  I spent so much time talking to several contacts.  But very excited about some of the opportunities.

Also want to share with you the Block of the Month program that Northcott is doing.  I worked on the project (didn't make the quilt).  I might be teaching this quilt next year so if anyone is interested - let me know.  I absolutely love the colors.

Kaleidoscope by Stephanie Soebbing

Can't wait to make my own version of the quilt.

A few more celebrity photos.  I've certainly earned a reputation of no holds barred.  I wonder where that came from. I remember how in Grade 6 I got into trouble for dismissing a class at the end of the day without permission from the teacher. Oops. Didn't learn from that and I've gotten worse.  I love it!

Speaking of that, I have to tell you this story about Joyce. Joyce does some beautiful work with thread painting on panels. The other night she was off to a dinner with a sponsor of hers. Got on the shuttle and ended up speaking to a couple of women who were off to a Stevie Nicks concert. Ends up they had two extra tickets. So Joyce ditched the sponsor dinner and went to see Stevie Nicks!!!!   Even the shuttle driver got into the conversation - he wasn't going to let Joyce off at her stop - they all said, "you only live once!" I love it!!!!  And Joyce did speak to the sponsor the next day and all is good.

More star gazing.  I'm sorry Susan, but I saw Alex and thought of you when we took this photo.

Me and Alex Anderson
No shame!!!!  There were more people around and obviously more coming to the next show. Oh yes, I did see Paula Nadelstern as well, but no picture as she was buzzing off to her class.

Let's see - I also saw, Dawn Cavanaugh from APQS, Claudi Pfeil, Marti Michell, Virginia Wolf, Barb Vlack, Sue Patten and Dusty Farrell.  I'm sure there are many others whose names I've forgotten or didn't recognise.

And there was the incident!  Well not an incident, but Susan Claire stopped by our booth on her scooter. She is a riot and I asked if I could take her scooter for a spin.

Having fun on Susan Claire's scooter

I've never been on a scooter before. So I start in a circle around our booth.  "How do I stop?????", I yelled.  "Just stop pushing with your leg!" was the response I got. OH!  I guess what I meant was how do I stop and not fall off?  It was loads of fun and would be a great way to zip around the convention center. But not when Festival starts as it will be much more crowded.  And I've noticed that pretty much all the service people at the convention center have some sort of motorised vehicle to get around - golf carts or scooters or segways.  I want a segway but they don't rent them - only a four wheeled scooter.

It was late when we packed up the booth. I was so tired, I barely ate anything. Off to bed and then up early - just because!

Today is a bit of a rest day. Some of us are going to visit a couple of quilt stores - yes - I will leave my credit card at home - I mean the hotel. And then we get the fun task of setting up the new booth.  Got to be ready for the show opening tomorrow at 5 PM.

Oh - when I unpacked the crate and went through my duffle bag, guess what I found? Yep - my Halloween headband and my power cord. All is good in the world!!!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a wonderful day!!!!


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  1. It sounds like a whirlwind Elaine. I love the fabrics in the quilt as well.