Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Running away from home!

As if being away at Market and Festival wasn't enough, I'm now gone once more!  I'm at a quilting retreat for the next five days.  

The temperature is glorious today and on the way up, I couldn't help but feel extremely lucky to have great friends to sew with.  

However before I came, I still had a bit of cutting to do.  Now NO ONE is allowed to judge me!  But I need to make a quilt with my bicycle fabric and part of it was cut before. I finished cutting the strips this morning.  

Oops - I think there is a bit of a collection!

A little collection of bicycle fabrics!
The quilt will also contain these panels which I didn't have a chance to cut yet.

To be cut!
From the strips, I cut one square of each and will spend a bit of time later today (hopefully) to arrange them on the wall and start sewing.

Speaking of obsessions, look what I found when I was cleaning up.  THREE of the same kit.  Now I did NOT keep rebuying these, but I paid for them. The shop where I bought them said I didn't have this kit.  Ooops - a bit of paperwork to fix up there!

Three of the SAME kits

You remember that I was missing my purple magazine holder. I knew that I had taken it to a guild lecture in September.  I haven't been able to find it at home, so I was thinking that I had left it at that guild.  And yes - I did.  I got confirmation from them last week that I had indeed left the magazine holder there.  I'm hoping that the little book is in there as well. No confirmation of that yet.

Now here is the problem and I'm hoping that someone can help.  The guild is in Ingersoll, Ontario.  Does anyone live in that area and will you be traveling closer to Toronto. I'm thinking we might be able to pony express the silly thing to me.  If you can help out, let me know.

And on that note, I'm madly sewing and I need to get back to my machine.  Making great progress on my guild mystery.  I shall be up-to-date soon.

Have a super day!!!



  1. Hi Elaine, I can grab your folder and bring it to FGV next Saturday if that works for you?
    Just text me the contact for the guild

  2. Are you at the Oxford retreat. That's a great guild. My birth mother lived in Ingersoll and I met several of the members and have been to their shows. Have fun