Sunday, November 13, 2016

Quilt Retreat - Day Four

The temperature has been spectacular while we've been here. Sunny almost all day, and there has been a bit of frost in the morning, nothing too bad and no snow!

I ventured out yesterday for a walk. It became a power walk and you know how it is. You say, I'll just walk until that fence, that tree and next thing you know - I had walked to the next road.  Which fit in my plan of walking one-half hour away and then one-half hour back.  I think the road is almost 3 KM away.  So that was a beautiful walk and I got a lot of thinking done for some meetings this coming week.

I was tired last night as I haven't done that much exercise in a while, but my knees held up pretty well and only a bit of stiffness this morning. But really just fine!!!   Thank god for Sierrasil.  I couldn't have done it without that.

I did get a lot more sewing done yesterday - again power sewing all day. I don't think I even went out to shop. I got more work done on my optical illusion quilt, but now it requires some careful layout and there isn't really the space here so that got shelved until I get home.

Onto the next quilt which also got completed, but it's very simple.  It has to be quilted and done very quickly so no picture today. It's a gift for someone and I'm not posting until it's been delivered.

I made my last two blocks for our Oh Canada quilt and now all 24 blocks are made and I'm currently sewing them together. It's a very busy quilt, but it looks awesome!

Trimmed blocks for another one of my urgent quilts - well quilts with a deadline.  The main body of that one is also together. Going to add on the pieced borders before I leave so it can get loaded on the longarm later today.

And Claudette finished her Vintage Moments up to the last two borders as well. Looks awesome.

Claudette's Vintage Moments

You'll see them all from the class in December.

On that note, there is NO time to waste this morning as we all scramble to get the final things completed and let's not forget the group photo!!!!

Have a super day!!!


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