Saturday, November 26, 2016

And so the story begins....

Oh my, I got up this morning with loads of energy and with a determination to get something  organized.  I decided to start with all my projects from work.  ACK - what was I thinking?

I even dug out a new notebook to write things in. I lost the one with the lists in, so a few weeks ago,  I bought a second one which I can't find. I did manage to find one when I was searching for something else and I'm using that one.  Yep - I know that I'm going to find both of those other notebookes within the week. But that's OK - this one is bigger, it's brighter, it's orange!!!!
My NEW notebook

I'm hoping that this one is big enough and bright enough that it won't go missing.  I'm also going to take very good care of it and keep it in the SAME place all the time.

So I went through the tubs of projects that I started since I went to work.  These are projects that were made/started/designed with work in mind. The end goal is to finish them to add to my Northcott trunk show.  I started that list and went through the bags and boxes and well - let's just say the list is HUGE. That's one reason why we make lists in the first place - to shame us into not buying/starting anything else.  I mean - this is a serious, very serious situation.

Granted a few of the projects just need a label, some just need a binding and a label, but the list is long. Way too long.

And I'm not done yet. No - I figured while I'm at it, I'm going to assemble all the fabrics, all the projects from work into ONE spot. Make sure each is listed in the book and then I can PRIORITIZE and FOCUS.

I found bags of scraps in the bins and came up with some ideas on how to use them up which I'll be sharing with you as time goes on. I'm pretty excited about this new beginning, but here's another reason we need to get ourselves organized.  I found this binding. Now can you tell me what it's for???  It's black, made with a Stonehenge, looks like from the Oh Canada line. But still doesn't give me a clue as to why it was made.

Binding for????
 Well, I'm sure as I continue through the last of the projects for work that I'll figure it out, but seriously - what a huge mess.  I do feel much better knowing that most (and hopefully by the end of the day - all) of it will be organized and listed on the list. Lists are so much better - WHEN  you use them wisely!!!

On that note, I'm off to teach for the day.

Have a super day!!!


And BTW - my house smells of WET DOG.  Why????   Have a read at Lexi's blog to find out why.

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  1. Your doing great! Once you have your plan in place it will. E easier to focus on the projects you need done. I like how you are organizing yourself. On another note, if you have scraps that you don't think you will ever use, you can send them my way. I'll make blocks to donate with it. Or have a giveaway of your scraps. It will help you feel like your moving forward with things and can get working on your own projects. Just a thought.