Tuesday, November 15, 2016

T-shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts. You gotta love them.  They're a great souvenir, they`re not that hard to put together, but they can cause problems.  

I recently quilted two T-shirt quilts for customers.  The first one was HUGE!  Because there was actual pieces of clothing on the quilt and some other dimensional embellishments, I wasn't able to do an overall design. And the neat thing was that she had used the stamp images from Zebra Patterns of places where the recipient of the quilt had been.  

T-shirt quilt
The backing was plush - a bright canary yellow which was fun!

The backing
It's very important that ALL pieces of clothing or other non-cotton items be 100% stabilised as they will shift around.

The second T-shirt quilt was smaller and made from baby clothing.   However, there was also some 3-D items which made doing an overall design impossible.

T-shirt quilt
The customer wanted hearts and so I added some very whimsical hearts which was a lot of fun.

Whimsical hearts
Here is an instance where the entire garment was appliqued to the quilt.  While the bottom layer would be stabilised, the top layer was not.  I didn't quilt on the clothing items.

A onsie appliqued onto the quilt
See - I can put my hand inside the garment

My hand fits in the garment
I didn't realise at first and started to stitch over and the end result, while OK, isn't as nice, so I only quilted on one garment on the quilt. They were small - it was OK.

Quilting on an unstabilised garment

The backing for this one was also a plush, but a very weird fabric.  I took one cut with the rotary cutter and there was FLUFF everywhere!

Fluff everywhere
I had trimmed this one just before I left for the retreat and the first thing I had to do when I got back was to try and clean up the rest of the fluff.

It was everywhere - even the floor.

Fluff on the floor
T-shirts quilts are fun.  I have one that I have to make and quilt from scratch for a customer. And there are a couple that I would like to make for me!

On that note, I'm out of here.  Have a great day!!!



  1. Oh yes! Tee shirt quilts!! I do e2e on some of them, marking the plastic overlay and working the design around the 3D portions. Also, to get the fluff up and out, I use the open end of the vacuum cleaner tube first, the a White pearl eraser against the fluff lines to get it out of the mat. Works like a charm! I read it somewhere and use them by the box! It sure makes the mat more conducive to cutting...no skipped bits due to all the threads and fluff in the self=healed cracks! We have four more tee shirt quilts in the queue, and they all have flannel backs. Oh my!