Friday, November 25, 2016

What was lost is found!

I'm a list keeping though I'm not good at it. It seems that I start many lists on pieces of paper and then months later, I discover the lists. Most of the stuff on the lists has been done or it isn't important anymore. But here's what is wrong with the lists - I never follow them. I like making them, but I don't respect them and half the time I forget that I've made a list. 

So I've been thinking about the lists as part of my clean up for 2017.  This is serious business and I've been quietly working behind the scenes to try and clean up some stuff. 

In case you're wondering, I did NOT find that little book of mine, but I'm hopeful. Why? Well because I found not ONE, but TWO things that have been misplaced and I found both within the last 24 hours. Perhaps I need a list of the things I have lost!

I would like to say that this first item was exactly where it was supposed to be. I just didn't look close enough.  GRRRR!  

A while back, Northcott introduced a collection called Connector Playmats. It's a super idea for the kids in your life. I designed a free download pattern and some of our designers have other great patterns that are available for purchase. 

Connector Playmats
I wanted to make my pattern so it could be added to my Northcott trunk show. But where were those playmats?  This morning, while taking inventory of some stuff, there were the playmats in the bottom of a bag in a plastic container - exactly where they were supposed to be.  I'd checked the container before but didn't dig to the bottom of the bag they were in.  DUH!!!!   I'm my own worst enemy!

Now I have everything so I can proceed to make this quilt.

The second thing I discovered was my Reminisce pattern. It's been missing since June. How do I know that? Well, I found the pattern in a book on quilt borders.  Why was it there?  Because some of the students used coping strips to make their quilt larger.

Reminisce pattern that was lost!
It makes logical sense - my intention was to write an article on coping strips. That pattern was a good example, and I had taken everything to the June class for show n tell. When I got home after that class, I never sorted things out. Never checked in that book to write the article and well you see how it happens. I don't want this happening again!!!  Matter of fact, there are a number of other quilting tips in the Resource section of Northcott's web page. And some more free patterns.

So how will I prevent this mess from happening again?  I'm going to have to be extra diligent about putting things away.  If an article needs to be written, write it NOW, put the books and papers back and on to the next thing.

It all boils down to prioritizing things, then FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.  That is going to my mantra for 2017 even if I have to have the darn word tattooed on my forehead. Hopefully, it won't come to that, but I could have it tattooed on my arm?????

Oh well -

This morning when I went to walk the dog, I got all bundled up and before I even went outside, I was sweating. I had to strip down, unzip as I walked - it was a balmy 5 degrees this morning. I was dressed for minus 20.  I guess I thought I was going to the dog park!

On that note, I got a lot accomplished yesterday from a pattern writing perspective. Today is all about checking numbers and measurements.  Yeah!!!!

Have a super day!


BTW - if you want to learn how to sew fast and accurate, check out QUILTsocial today.

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