Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The laundry basket challenge

Something very unusual happened last night. I had a great day at work, lots of catching up to do and next thing I know it's time to go home. 

On the way home, I realized I was tired. And when I got home, I lay on the couch - too exhausted to do anything.  I woke up at 7:30 to have something to eat and then I went to bed! Not to read, but to sleep!  I think I got up at 4:30!  I'm not sick, I'm not tired.  Every once in a while, I crash like that and there is nothing that will wake me!  

Today is another day and time to get moving!

I'm reviewing some of the pictures from the retreat and looking at the end of the year and well, several things have come to mind. 

One is this link about why you need to post a wall calendar in your creative space. I usually have a calendar in my space, but I've never looked at the calendar in this way.  Hmmm - maybe I need to buy one of those big calendars???  The only problem with all this challenge stuff is that you start off excited and it's hard to keep that excitement up for the remainder of the year. 

However, if you have people like ME reminding you, well maybe it will work.  I'm thinking about it. I'll let you know what I come up with!

The other thing I did the other night and I could NOT help myself. I made a list of TWELVE projects that I would love to get done during 2017. It wasn't hard to find projects - it was hard to choose just 12. If I ever want to get this mess cleaned up, I should be choosing 365 projects - one a day!!!  But since that is NOT realistic, I choose 12. 

Now I've done this in the past and not succeeded in completing them. Why?  I forget about them!  So I'm going to enlist the help of my handy lists and reminders on my computer calendar to make that happen. I mean - it HAS to happen.  There is so much, it's a tad overwhelming and I'd really like to move on. 

I'm NOT going to do this on my own. I think we all need to become responsible quilters. Some of you are and you never leave a project unfinished. Not one to criticize, but that just seems so boring and how can you participant in this fun challenge? Here is the challenge to ALL of you.  Go through your projects - could be ones that are currently on the go, could be ones that are shelved.  What do you want to get done?  Pick TWELVE of them and WRITE them down on a list. A paper list is fine for now. 

I know you're wondering what the laundry basket challenge is all about, right?  When we were at the retreat and also the previous retreat, Tish brings all her projects in ONE laundry basket. She does cheat a bit and brought some extra supplies like batting in a separate bag.  Seriously? One laundry basket?  We all teased her (although I'm sure we were all jealous as we schlepped in bag after bag of projects - well I know I was).  I didn't even bother with photos this year - it's that embarrassing!).  We said, she must have taken all her projects out of their boxes and vacuum sealed them in plastic so they took up less space. There is NO WAY she was bringing her projects in those plastic boxes that quilters tend to use. 

Wait a minute!  As we packed up, I snapped a photo of her laundry basket. DARN!  She has THREE of those plastic project containers in her laundry basket. 

Tish's laundry basket of projects for a FIVE day retreat!

Not one to be petty, but I should clarify that due to Tish's consideration of us and a cold, she did remain at home for the first day to protect the rest of us!  AHA - so this is only four days worth of projects!

Could I do the same thing??  I've issued a challenge to the rest of the attendees.  Next time, we'll all be packing light!  ONE laundry basket of projects. Tools and supplies can be packed separately.  ACK - I can feel the anguish even now!!!!

I got home and surveyed the studio. I don't even have an empty laundry basket. Gots loads of laundry baskets, but they're all occupied.

I choose one of them and the four projects in the basket, which are almost complete, are the first item on my list of 12 projects for 2017.  Yes - I'm abitious and counted four as one, but that's OK. It's my list and I can do what I want with it.  Bottom line, there four quilts (all from the same fabric), just need two borders each and to be quilted. In total, I estimate FIVE Hours each (with machine stitching the binding, and the quilting) and these quilts could be done!!!!   See what I mean??   How many other projects are in the same state???

My laundry basket! - Well one of them!
Oh yes - once you have choosen those 12 projects, I've got more work for you!!!   But get that list of 12 projects together.  That is important. Prioritize!!!!

Then I looked around the studio, thinking about the laundry basket challenge.  This is one of the bags that I took to the retreat. It's filled with lots of small projects that need to be completed.  Each one would take an hour or two or possibly three.  That would fill at least two or three retreat days!!!!   Gosh - I'm already packed for the next retreat!

Bag of projects!

It's all about working smarter, not searching for things and well,  getting prepped.  I will try to do better for 2017!!!!   And I'm going to carry you all with me, so hang on - it's going to be a fun ride!!!

Have a super day!!!


(and don't forget to get that list of 12 projects done!).  I'll share my list with you to help make me accountable to you and you want me to do the same for you - send me pictures.  I'll show you what I have in mind for each one shortly. First - get that list together. It's going to be a blast and we're going to get things done!!!!   Plus we need to think of a snappy name for this project.


  1. So the plan is one a month? Hhhmmmm, decisions, decisions

  2. Ok! You've fired me up! Now I just have to finish the three challenges due Dec.6!

  3. My number one project is to organize my sewing/craft space. That may take all year in itself.