Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to cope!

Here's an update from Tish about her laundry basket filled with projects.  She has agreed that we can all carry our supplies in a separate container, however I was told that ALL her main supplies were also in the laundry basket.  These included the following:

A zip up tool kit
Mini iron
Pressing mat
Turning cutting mat
Several rulers
Binding clips
5 spools of Aurifil thread
A bag of zippers
A roll of duct tape
A metal tape measure (carpenter's type)

And in addition to those three project boxes I mentioned, she also had this:   three bags of fabric for 2 different quilt tops, and a bag of scraps to make zippered bag.   

I understand all the supplies, but I wonder what the duct tape was for?  She even called herself - "The Queen of Organization."     HMPFFFF!   

I see a gauntlet being thrown to the ground!  How can I get everything into ONE PROJECT box? I'm going to paste a picture of her laundry basket on the calendar beside the next retreat date.  I WILL take only one laundry basket even if it kills me.  There was NO mention that we couldn't come home with more than fit in the basket, so if everything gets vacuum sealed, who will know????  Stay tuned - I think the next retreat is going to be interesting. 

Speaking of pasting that picture to the calendar, did you have a look at the reasons why you should post a physical calendar in your studio?  Now I have one more reason!  You think I'm crazy right?  I  have already printed a copy of that picture and I've got a calendar - oh I'm very serious! I suppose in the tech world, I could link a copy of the picture to my electronic calendar.  Hmmm - I wonder how to make that happen???

I'm slowly unpacking, but there isn't a ton of time as I have other deadlines looming this week - well until the end of the month and I had best keep plugging away at those. However I did unearth these two items. 

Row by Row plate from BC - thanks Daphne!

Row by Row plate from NWT  (I bought this one)

Did I promise one of those to someone???  God I don't remember - probably written down somewhere. I really need to write all notes in ONE book, not on scraps of paper.  NO - do not send me notebooks, I have tons of them, but seem unable to actually write in them.  What is the matter with me?????

I have been promising this next item for months.  I'm happy to report that the document on COPING strips is now complete.  You can download your very own copy at this link.  And if there are other tips that you would find useful, please let me know. I do have a list, but I'm always open to new topics.

I've been giving my UFO challenge a lot of thought and in the next day or so, I'll have it outlined and ready for you to get moving!  It's going to be fun, we're going to urge each other on and we WILL get our goals accomplished!  I can't wait to get started!!!!

On that note, have a super awesome day!


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