Friday, November 4, 2016

Exciting news - oh my!!!!

Yesterday was a totally crazy day!   Started off by sleeping through my alarm. Not a big deal until I realised that we could get onto the floor at 8 AM and have one hour to wander and I was going to be late for that. Not too worry, I did manage to get on the floor and see about 6 rows (of 26) of the show. I chatted with a couple of people, found a couple of amazing quilt patterns, collected business cards and located a license plate or two (for Row by Row).  I tell you - the networking NEVER stops!

Then off to the booth where I got everything set up for the day and then the madness started.  People were lining up to spin that wheel and loving every minute of it.  Them and me!  The grand prize usually goes pretty early, but we still have other prizes to hand out. I give my little spiel which I did all day - from 10 AM - 7 PM with two small breaks in between. I can't help it - I LOVE sales.  I gave my little sales pitch to the line in small groups and we had loads of fun!  Quilters are really nice people and people were extremely happy to get our Microchip pack and the link to the secret web page with the pattern.

Perhaps I will load that secret web page on my blog at one point.  It really is a cute sample that I made - if I do say so myself. It was well received and the quilters are loving it which is the most important thing!

Note to self - make sure to take really detailed photos of the booth for follow-up when we are back!!!  Ever the networking/business nut, I can't turn myself off - EVER!  I've already made copious notes again this morning!

A few people stopped by yesterday and I did manage to get a few pictures.

Me and Jan

OH - don't look at my eyes!!!  I think they were half asleep!!!  But I wasn't!

Ann and me

Paul had stopped by several times and we finally got a picture.

Me and Paul

And notice what is on the lady's T-shirt in the left-hand corner!!!!

I did get out at the end of the day to zip around the floor and talked to Tea Time Quilting. They are a shop very close to the Convention Center and when we arrived at their shop - it was pretty much empty as they prepped to go to the show.  They have a 10 by 50-foot booth. Now how do they have all that stuff in that teeny shop!  But they had a license plate and I got one!!!  Actually, I bought two yesterday and I know of two more!!!

Jan and I had dinner together last night. It was great to hear her stories from her classes and the quilt displays.  I'm not sure that I'm going to make the quilt displays. But here's the thing - what's more important, making contacts? or checking out the quilts.  Next year, I must take more time during Quilt Market to visit the displays, but again, I spent a lot of time networking. OK - so I have the gift of gab and I'm proud of it.

I was in bed by 9 PM and I think my head hit the pillow and I was out. But I did hear the alarm today and I'm ready for another day of fun!!!!  I really don't mind the long days - I know - I need my head examined. But seriously, being a quilter in this environment?  It's nothing but a day long of fun and getting to meet a load of people.

Now here is the really exciting news of the day.  I was interviewed for a PODCAST.  I know - totally crazy, but it was fun to do.  Check it out and see who is on the same PODCAST as me, although the interviews were done separately.  I haven't even listened to it yet.

I'm going to teach our Block of the Month (mentioned in the PODCAST).  So if anyone else is on board, let's do it!!!!  Here is a picture of it.

Block of the Month

It's made with Northcott Stonehenge Gradations Brights and it's a beautiful quilt.  So if you are interested, let me know.  And let your local shop know because this is available for shops in your local area to run as a Block of the Month as well.  There is a Shop Guide that I can send to your local shop if they are interested.

Whew - totally exciting stuff happening all the time!  I love it.

And on that note, it's time to get the day started.

Have an awesome day!


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  1. count me in for that BOM! Love it-tho I probably should see about glasses first. Working with black can apparently be a struggle I have found:)