Monday, November 14, 2016

Quilting Retreat - Day Five

The last day of any retreat is bittersweet.  While I'm so excited to have unlimited time to sew, my neck does get a bit tired and yes - there is a limit to my attention span!  However, I was NOT going to pack up early to go home.  No way, I wanted to stay until the end.

A number of people packed up and were gone by noon, but Ronda and I didn't leave until 2:20 PM. But not before we shared some of the remaining dregs of ice cream.

Eating ice cream!

We had two choices: use bowls or divvy up the container. Ronda chose to divvy up the container and we dare not cross that line!  It was pretty funny.  Then we tossed the ice cream, locked the door and we were gone!

But not before I got another quilt top done, actually two quilt tops completed and one tote bag almost assembled. Yes - a total sewing machine!   I've got pictures which I'll share with you later this week.

I hate leaving at the same time as someone because then you are traveling together and what happens if you travel at the same speed.  So I let Ronda go first. I was making a phone call and decided to sit in the driveway for a few minutes. Then I take the exit and get on the highway. The retreat house is between two exits.  As I'm approaching the second exit on the highway, guess who is merging onto the highway??  Yep - that would be Ronda!!!!   I waved and then blew past her!

I was excited to get home. I managed to unpack the entire car. Carried everything downstairs and then proceeded to unpack everything and repack some stuff for today.   I even managed to get a bit of cutting done. I'm in good shape, but the volume of stuff - well we won't go there.

As this year winds down, I'm itching to set goals for next year. And hopefully, I'll have my little notebook back so that will help.  I haven't heard if the notebook is with the purple magazine holder. There will be lots more about the goals for 2017 so stay tuned because I think you should all follow along and set goals for yourselves as well. It's very important to have goals.

On that note, I've got loads to get working on today and I had better get myself organized to start.

Have a super day!!!


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