Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I'm a liar!

It's not so much that I'm a liar as I'm not a good planner which is part of the issue of cleaning up my act for next year. You see this week, I'm blogging on QUILTsocial and that is taking all the spare resources that I have. Technically, it was supposed to be done last week, but I was playing catch up from Market.  

My lesson in all this - do not commit to something unless you know that you have the time to do it. 

In that case, I'll be real honest and say that my post to launch this program will happen on November 28 (Monday).  I need to give myself a pep talk between now and then! But I promise the post is almost complete. 

In addition to other things, I'm trying to get my classes prepped for 2017. And I'm happy to report that everything is under control. The decisions have been made and I'll be posting that later this week. 

All kinds of cool stuff has been happening - just no time to tell you all, but I'm almost done with QUILTsocial, so I can move on!

Here is one of the issues that I plan to fix for next year. I was looking for a pattern for a class for 2017. I knew where it was, all the items were in the same spot, but not in a box.  Look what happened to the cutting table!  


However, I'm happy to report that the pattern was where it was supposed to be. The patterns are now in a box and the cutting table (at least half of it) is clear!

Speaking of QUILTsocial - pop on over there so you can see what I've been working on.  I hear a certain canine friend of mine made a guest appearance so you must check that out.

On that note, hang in there - (that was more for me than you!). There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  From the sounds of it, people are giving the 12 projects some thought - I'll have more details and well, choosing those 12 made my heart sick!

By the way, remember when I mentioned that Carol (my friend Carol) had purchased that 1988 Piecemakers calendar and would she be interested in selling it to me?  I got an emphatic NO from her on that.  Oh well - if anyone ever finds the 1988 calendar - I want one!

Have a super day!!!


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