Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fabric and more fabric................. (and a present)

There are so many amazing fabrics being created each and every day! Well maybe not that frequently, but each time a fabric company releases their new fabrics which is approximately four times a year, there are always so many to choose from.

With so many to choose from, there is bound to be something that each of us likes. Imagine if we liked it all?  We would definitely be struggling with the nimiety of fabric in our stash.  (did you notice that I used my new word from yesterday?  And I even spelt it correctly!)

Northcott has a collection of fabrics that while I like it, it wasn't on my hot list.  But it's very beautiful and comes in many different colorways. Have a peek ......   What do you think???   Actually that link is to the existing fabrics in the Artisan Spirit Shimmer collection. A new release called Artisan Spirit Shimmer Echos adds to that collection.   Have a look at those ones.   It also comes in a wide variety of colors.

While I love the vibrant colors, one has to put a stop to what you want to add to the stash. However when I was opening up some of the bolts of this latest collection to have a peek, well my heart melted and guess what - I'm now the proud owner of some of this fabric.  The colors and photos on the screen just do not do justice to the fabric.  The gradiants in the fabrics are amazing, the colors are deep and rich and well - I want a piece of them all, but that isn't realistic so I did settle for a bit of the Sunglow (of course).  Now to come up with something clever to make out of them.

This is where the present part comes in. One of the designers that we work with -  let me chat about this for a second.  Through all forms of social media, I've gotten to know a lot of people.  I've never met a lot of them, but yet we converse back and forth like we've known each other for years.  So anyone, one of my social media friends made me a gift. I almost didn't get the gift thanks to hotel staff that obviously can't read as everyday for 5 days, I asked different staff members to check the mail room for my package. None of them could find it until the last day when I was checking out. I actually got TWO packages that morning. Remember - that is the morning I left my phone in the ladies room?  Which by the way, thanks to FEDEX and a  very efficient office staff member, the phone arrived at the office the NEXT day at noon.  How is that for service!!!!

Anyway - so what was in the package????  Have a look.............

A wallet made out of my new favorutie fabric

I LOVE the new wallet and it was perfect timing as my current wallet has seen better days.  I haven't switched things over yet - who has time for that?   But I hope to sort through everything and only put in the wallet what I need. Have you ever noticed that you have a TON of cards in your wallet and yet you only use about half a dozen of them???    Time to purge!

The wallet was made with one of my new favourite prints so I'm pretty excited about that.  Trust me - that picture doesn't do justice to the fabric -  it's gorgeous!

And I've designed a new quilt to use the fabrics in that first link I put above. So have to get moving on making that one.

On that note, I've got loads to do today. Quiltcon is fast approaching and there are samples to be made (little ones), demos to prep and then loads of other non Quiltcon stuff as well.

Have a super day!!!!


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