Sunday, February 26, 2017

QuiltCon Day Three

Another super exciting day at QuiltCon in Savannah.

I was up early and caught the ferry to the convention center across the river. I arrived slightly before 8 when the floor officially opens to the vendors and since no one was at the door, I popped right in!  It's getting harder to get around without bumping into other people and chatting and as a result, I've not seen all the quilts yet, nor have I started to look at the charity quilts.  Haven't been out to scout out the vendors much either so today is going to be a busy day!

Did you notice that I haven't mentioned the weather once unlike when we were at Road to California? It hasn't been that bad. Not too hot, not too sunny, no rain.  It was a bit muggy one day, but really quite uneventful.  HOWEVER, those darn little bugs. It was confirmed to me - these littler buggers are no-see-ums and they are a menace!  I was chatting to Carol who lives down here in the winter and her and her husband discuss who gets to go out to BBQ because of the bug issue.  Personally, I'll take the cold back home. My ankles are the worst and they are a mess. I would love to be sitting in a bath of oatmeal. The back of my head feels like a cauliflower.  I'll survive!

Got to chat with a lot of people yesterday and I got to talk about this year's Best of Show and also last year's Best of Show. So that was a good thing. It's interesting to look at the quilts and try to wonder why the judges choose a particular quilt over another as a winner. Some are easy to see, others not so much and it's interesting that technique amongst the modern quilters is NOT a necessity. I think the quality is getting better but really we need to stop beating ourselves up with our work.  I was looking at some quilts that belonged to a very famous machine quilter and OK - I have nothing to worry about. Lots of little booboos on those quilts.

I had nothing official going on yesterday, but the number of people that have come up and said they enjoyed the panel on Stash Management - well there have been loads. That's always fun. I have one more demo today and I believe it will be live streamed as well so watch for that on Northcott Facebook.

I had decided a while back to take a class while I was here. There was a limited number of classes that were in the evening and I signed up for Binding by Machine. For those of you who know me, I'm NOT a good student. I was tired last night and I had had a great conversation with a woman who had taken this same class two nights previous. I was tempted not to go after chatting with her but decided to not blow off the class fee entirely so I went. A good sign was when I walked in the room and they are using the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 965Q which is the sewing machine that I'm currently reviewing.   Yeah!!!

So the instructor started her spiel. Oh god - I'm in trouble as I knew I wasn't going to learn much in the class. I won't go into detail.  She makes bias binding and I'm OK with that, but I didn't like ANY of her methods.  Holy cow - I appreciate that people want to learn to quilt, but seriously, these modern quilters need to learn the tried and true techniques and then go modern with it. My way of making bias is so much faster than what I saw last night - it was painful to watch. I didn't say a word. She talked and demoed for the first part of the class and then there we had 1 1/2 hours to play with the samples. I had to leave. First, I was falling asleep I was so tired and second, I don't need someone to hand hold me while I attempt her method. I will go home and try modifying a couple of her things to fit my way.  Personally, my way is so much better, so much faster and I think way neater and no danger of missing any part of the binding when sewing. At least I went!

I think that is one of the reasons I'm such a bad student. I've spent hours and hours experimenting and perfecting many techiques. I'm going home to play with my samples a bit more and I need to put a demo out there on how to easily make bias binding and sew it on by machine.  But I want to play with my samples of bias and cross grain binding.   OK - lots to do when I get home.

I was going to catch up with the others as they were just getting seated for dinner about the time I got back to the hotel, but I decided that I wasn't up to dinner. I had a bowl of soup at the hotel and that was it. I went to bed but not before slathering myself in AfterBite!

It's the last day of QuiltCon today and I've got loads to do. Hopefully, I can sneak in that room 10 minutes early and get to all the quilts before the show opens.

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. My kids have first hand knowledge about the no-see-ums in the south. We were staying at Hilton Head one summer and they thought that the moss hanging from the trees was fun to play with....until they started to scratch uncontrollably. I think they nest in the moss and millions of them were disturbed.