Thursday, February 23, 2017

Quilt Con - set up day!

Ah - my favorite day of any quilt show.  The setup day.  Of course, I'm kidding here! It's always a long day. But we get to meet up with friends and well, it's not all that bad.

There is a beautiful breakfast buffet at the hotel and we got to sit by the window. We can see the Convention Center across the river. Yes - we have to take a small foot ferry across or we could drive. I've done both - the ferry is fun, but you have to know the schedule or wait - maximum is 20 minutes.

Thankfully the dock is not far from the hotel as let's just say that the waiter had to chase us down because no one signed the bill for breakfast.  Oops!!!  That was pretty funny, but everyone here is so friendly and so helpful.  And we had joked with this particular waiter so everything was good.

We walked into the convention center and the quilts were hung.  I ran into Peggy from one of my guilds back home and Peggy had been on the hanging committee and she said that was a very interesting experience.  Everything is well planned, well organized and it was a piece of cake to hang the show.  So if anyone is ever planning on coming to a show, why not volunteer - you get to see each and every quilt up close and personal and there are ZERO people around to get in the way.

Our crate was waiting for us, but we were missing a few other things that were stuck in transit.  Normally the first thing you put down is the floor, but we didn't have our floor yet so we did everything else and then when the floor came, much later in the day, we just whipped those pieces under the legs of our structure and it worked like a charm.  You just get creative when life throws you a curve!!!

Everyone seemed so relaxed yesterday.  While we thought we took a long time to set up, everyone was casually setting up as well.  Our "competitors" were also just lounging the day away and it seemed to take forever for everyone to get set up.

I'll be posting pictures on Facebook throughout the day since we have Wi-Fi at the convention center and it seems to be very stable.

Despite an invitation to visit with some of the other Canadians here, I was tired so some of our team went out for dinner.  What restaurant to choose?  We walked along the waterfront and then we picked a tavern.  Who do we find inside???  Linda from back home.  She was with a group of friends and we just said hello and onto an amazing dinner.  The jerk shrimp were to die for!

While sitting at the window which overlooked the river, we saw numerous small boats go by. A big old paddleboat and then OH MY - what is that?????   A MASSIVE container ship. It was dark and we couldn't really get pictures, but I hope we see one in the daytime.  I'm not talking some little boat here - this was a full blown container ship laden high with containers.  What a sight to see down the middle of the river!!!

The Savannah Candy Factory was just below the tavern so of course, we had to stop.  There was candy of every conceivable kind and shape in that shop. Some of us got ice cream. We seemed to spend a lot of time there and the number of videos, snap chats and pictures - well I guess the staff is used to that by now.

Strolling back to the hotel, we stopped in at the Five and Dime.  Nothing cost a nickel or a dime in the store, but it literally had everything in this shop.  Lots of kitschy souvenirs, shirts, clothes, you name it - it was in this shop. We finally made it back to the hotel and one more stop in the bar where I had water.  My body won't survive these shows with all the food and drink!  Mind you, we didn't really have lunch!

I'm all organized for today.  It's the first day of the show and the first thing bright and early at 8 AM is the awards ceremony.  I get to represent Northcott as the sponsor of the Best in Show.  What quilt won?????   I'll post that later.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!


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