Thursday, February 9, 2017


I will be speaking on a panel at Quiltcon called Stash Management.  HAH - isn't that hysterical!  However, I would like to say that my stash management is pretty good. I can put my hands on a piece of fabric within a very short period of time.  Ask me for something and if I have it - I can get it. 

It may not be super neat, but it's organised.  In preparation for the panel discussion, the moderator wants several pictures of our stash.  I took some pictures last night, and have forwarded them on, but there is ONE photo that I would love to share, but where is it?????   I've been searching my blog to try and find the picture, but I can't find it.  I've tried different keywords and nothing!

If my photos were tagged as nicely as my fabric is stashed, it would be easy.  That is one of my goals and now that the new computer is fired up at home and I have the room, the software and the memory to do it, I should start. 

As I was flipping through the blog, something came to mind. I seem to spend a LOT of time sorting and organising my stuff.  On my bulletin board at work, I have this quote - "Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify",  by Henry David Thoreau.  Perhaps, I need to get rid of some stuff???   I will eventually, but now is not the time!!!!

Remember though when I was clearing off those work tables that I shoved everything into a corner?  Well, I need to get to the little closet beyond the stuff. It was a mess and completely blocked off when I first shoved it there. 

The corner is full!
As the weeks have gone by, some of the stuff got shoved to the side so I could get through to the closet and as well as looking for stuff in the midst of the pile. 

It was like doing gymnastics as I gingerly picked my way through the pile of stuff.  Too dangerous. 

A slight path was created
And now there is a distinct path through the stuff. It's like a parting of the seas.  I can now access all the projects and the closet.

A walkway through the stuff

I did get three things checked off The Task Master last night and this morning. Things that have sat there until they couldn't wait any longer.  I'm happy with the way The Task Master kept track of that, but I didn't have to keep rewriting the darn task.  I should have gotten them done sooner, however as I was working on an improv block, I had a major AHA moment because I'm also having to prep for TWO demos at QuiltCon. Here's the thing - if you are interested in making an IMPROV block that I can use at my demo, I'd love to have one.  You choose the fabric, the color, the style of improv.  I'm leaving on the 21st so you need to get it done and to me prior to that date or you bring it to Quiltcon with you and get it to me there.

Some of my best ideas happen when I'm under a time crunch although I'm not under a crunch yet for that demo - there is still two weeks before the demo. That's loads of time.

Off to a busy day of sorting, planning and well - loads of exciting stuff.

Have a super day!


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