Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Greetings from Savannah

We arrived!  It was a long day as I had to go to work to get some last minute things done. Then home to get some even more last minute things done. BUT I'm happy and I actually sat around for about 1/2 hour as I waited for my ride.

There was NO ONE at the airport.  However, that doesn't mean that there aren't a few stories to tell.  I head into the NEXUS line for security. I open up my boarding pass on my phone. The guy at the door can't scan it. No worries - go on in he says. So I do. ZERO line at the security machine - well not counting the one man in front of me. The check point guy says I'm showing him my connecting flight boarding pass, NOT the first leg of the trip. At least someone was on the ball.

My stuff goes through (including the rotary cutter that I threw in).  GASP!!!!  I put in a small one just in case. I was prepared to ditch the blade and keep the handle, having to replace just the blade if need be.  NOPE - that sailed through no problem. However, I was asked, "what's in that little box?"  AH - that's a sewing kit with scissors (regulation length blade) but it was my two Roxanne's heavy thimbles that had them guessing. Then I was shocked to hear that juice boxes can't go through the line. DUH!  I know that, but I don't have juice boxes in my backpack.  "Yes - you do!"  I'm madly thinking - ah - I have bundles and bundles of small cards that are part of our giveaway.  Yep - those looked like juice boxes on the scanner!!!!!

When I arrived last night, I thought "oh shoot" I forgot my toothpaste. But after searching through the luggage this morning, I did bring toothpaste.  A BIG tube - 130 ml. That went through no problem and I NEVER put any of my stuff in a Ziploc bag. EVER.  Mind you I don't carry much stuff with me - just a small carry on and my backpack. I travel very LIGHT!!!

And my fingers were so dry, they wouldn't register on the NEXUS machine so the guy had to get me some hand sanitizer.  Then we used too much.  And I had started off in the non-Nexus line as there were ZERO people in this area.  I got straightened out and through everything in mere minutes!!!

Met up with my colleagues who were already there.  Bought a sandwich and a small bottle of water for almost $20.   That's outrageous!!!!

The flights were pretty uneventful although we did have a bit of turbulence just before getting into Savannah.  We were at the back of the plane and you can see the clouds moving over those long, delicate-looking wings.  I don't like that part!!!!

Our other colleague had arrived earlier and was waiting to pick us up.  Let's just say there was a small detail with the hotel we were staying at and thankfully that was fixed before we left. But all my packages were now sent to the wrong hotel.  I was worried that they wouldn't be waiting for me.  However, the good news is that all 7 packages had arrived!!!!!  Although we did have to wait a LONG LONG time for them to retrieve the packages.

We're at the Marriott and the front desk man was very happy to greet us even though it was after midnight at this point.

I won't go into a lot of detail, but have you ever noticed that hotel bathrooms are NOT happy places.  Why do that have that giant mirror over the sink which, well, I'm not going to say more than that!!!!

It's time to head out for breakfast. Grab the ferry across the river and start setting up the booth.

Oh - I should say the silliness starts. Ran into Cheryl Arkinson at the airport.  A nice lady and told her how much we appreciated her allowing all the groups to use her slab block pattern for those blocks for the CQA quilting bee.  It's going to be a name-dropping kind of place!!!!   I don't care - I have no shame.
Have a super, super day!!!!


We're at QUILTCON!!!!!!    Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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