Thursday, February 16, 2017

When you in a hurry................

It doesn't pay to be in a hurry. As you know, big preparations for Quiltcon next week and other things going on for my classes this weekend, and other conferences later this year. 

And things niggle at the back of my mind. I must do this, I must do that.  So yesterday just before leaving work, I had some photos to send to someone.  I had edited the photos in the morning and just needed to send them via e-mail. Because they were kind of big, I decided to send the five photos individually.  I start to type the name of the recipient and their name pops up. Attach photo - SEND.  Second photo - SEND.  This is easy.  Then I got home and received an e-mail from a different person (same first name - different spelling) saying my photos were pretty but why were they getting them.  Oh, shoot - three went to the right person, two did not!!!!  And you would laugh if I told you who the photos ended up going to.  Someone high up in the Modern Quilt Guild - of which the photos had NOTHING to do!   I laughed about that. I`ll have to introduce myself to Jacquie and tell her I was the idiot that sent her the pictures!!!

I also needed to arrange for the delivery of one more quilt and sent a hurried e-mail only to get a response that I had already taken care of that detail!  DUH!!!!   So my brain is doing the work, but it`s not reminding that I`ve already done some of the stuff!!!!   

Recommendation - S L O W     D O W N

Here`s the rest of my day on Sunday.  After I quilted all of those quilts, they had to be trimmed and then THREE of them had to be bound. 

The customer was coming over on Sunday night. Now the weather was very bad that day but I thought - OK - she wants the quilts bad enough to come out in the storm, I`ll get them all done for her. 

I`m putting the binding on the first quilt - the Snowman one.  Notice how she wound that binding. I hate it this way as it twists when you sew it on. 

Sewing on the binding
Now here`s a blast from the past for my aunt. (who reads my blog!  - Hi, Aunt Irene!!!)   Years and years ago, she gave me a sewing machine in a cabinet. The sewing machine is no longer with us, but I`ve kept the cabinet and I LOVE it.  When I sew a binding on, I don`t have a lot of room on the left-hand side of my table and the quilt keeps falling off. I put the cabinet beside the table and it works like a charm!!!!

Cabinet beside the sewing table

Binding number one - DONE
I ran out of bobbin thread and that meant having to stop and clean the machine. I`m working on my own machine at the moment and it obviously hasn`t been cleaned in a while.

That`s a LOT of lint
Here is the beautifully wound binding for the second customer quilt.

Nicely wound binding -- Good job R!!!!
Second binding on the customer quilt -= DONE!!!!
Remember our Oh Canada quilt for the CQA sewing bee?  I didn't have enough binding?  Well, I volunteered the remainder of Ronda's binding to be added to our group project.

Remainder of binding from quilt one

Binding on the second Oh Canada quilt - DONE

Leftover over binding
I joined those two bits with my three bits to get this much binding.

Binding for the Oh Canada quilt for the sewing bee
I think I still need 80 inches, but I have a couple more Oh Canada quilts to make so I'm sure I will have enough before June when the quilt is due!!!!

So Ronda comes over after dinner to get her quilts. We go downstairs to chat.  I noticed that she had set two pieces of fabric on the table. Finally, she says, "shouldn't we do the embroidery?"   OH GOD - I had completely forgotten about it. We had chatted the week before that she wanted me to do some work for her, but even when she was in front of me, with her fabric, it was far from my mind!!!!

Thankfully it was a short and sweet job and she was on her way with her three finished (on my part) quilts. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

I chatted about the labels the other day.  Here is a label that I washed and you can see that the writing is still very legible.  You MUST use brand name inks - the cheap stuff doesn't work.  Only BLACK ink are colorfast, color is NOT.  And I heat set the labels as I'm turning the edges under.  Hopefully, that will answer the question to those that asked.

Washed label is still legible
And I guess it's off to try and get something accomplished today. My brain is going 100 miles a minute at this point and I hate to keep writing things down.   But I may have to.

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. How is that binding wound? I cant figure out how to do it