Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Printing labels

Before I get into the label story, I have to tell you that I'm a novelty print JUNKIE.  I love novelty prints and my intention when I started to buy them years ago was to make quilts with 6-inch squares of things that started with specific letters.  Like a quilt with things that start with the letter B or the letter M or whatever.  I've made a few and some letters have loads of things printed on fabric - the letter M for instance - there are many fabrics that start with the letter M. C and B are also pretty popular. 

However, when it comes to other letters, it would be hard to find enough fabrics to have each one unique in the quilt. The letter N is hard!  How many things do you know that start with the letter N???  

My favourite site to find novelty prints is eQuilter. They have loads and I'm now on their mailing list. So once a week or however often their newsletter comes, I check it out. I don't go through the entire website every time, but from time to time I browse some of the menus.  Guess what I found this morning?    Antler fabric!!!!   Yes - antlers.  Did I buy any?  Nope - I don't need any and I guess when it comes time to make the letter A quilt, then I'll search.  I already have two huge laundry baskets of novelty prints - I don't need to add to that mess. 

OK - so the labels. If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that I cannot print from my laptop.  There is something in the air that doesn't agree with the laptop and the printer (it's wireless) and I gave up a while back.  If I need something printed, I forward it to DH and he prints from his computer. While this works for WORD stuff, I like to make my labels in Publisher so I can get a nice border around the label. Since he doesn't have Publisher, no go with the labels - well at least ones with a border. 

Last week, I decided it was time to get my new computer up and running and got the entire Microsoft suite installed.  I fired up Publisher last night - OH MY  - the new version is divine!!!!  Quickly made some labels and then hit print. Hmmmm - no print driver. OK - back to Control Panel, install the printer. Print - BAM!  It actually printed.  The two computers sit basically side by side - one can print, the other cannot. 

DH thought I had lost it as I danced around the house singing "I can print!"  He just rolled his eyes and thinks I'm a looney tune which I mostly am!

Well, why not test my luck and print more labels - there are a lot of quilts missing labels at my house. So I prepped another sheet of labels and PRINT!  This time, there was an error which required me deleting the printer and reinstalling it. Not sure why, I don't care - if that's all it takes to print labels - I'm OK with that. But I will try and fix that glitch later tonight. 

At one point, DH asked me "so you don't need me to print labels anymore?"  I think he sounded disappointed!!!!! 

Labels - lots of labels

I got a couple sewn on this morning and ready to sew more on later tonight.   These very simple labels printed on muslin are way better than my hand written chicken scratch!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


I can print labels, I can print labels, I can print labels............................................

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  1. Elaine. Can you print more than one on a sheet?
    Thanks, Pat D. Orillia