Wednesday, February 15, 2017

OH Canada!!!!

It was a wild and crazy weekend.  I was excited and I was ready to go!  A lot of quilting to get done. You know how you get into a rhythm with things - that's how my weekend went. 

As you know, this is Canada's Sesquicentennial this year. Northcott always has a beautiful collection of Oh Canada fabric based on their Stonehenge collections, and this year, they have a new collection to celebrate the Sesquicentennial

The first quilt up was for a customer and it's based on the Northcott Oh Canada. 

Customer quilt - DONE
The back was black flannel and I used the Maple Syrup panto on it.  Looks awesome with a dark brown thread and just visible on the black.

Quilt Backing
Hmmm - since the Maple Syrup panto in on the machine, I could put the quilt that our group made at the retreat on the machine and get that done. It's part of the Canada's Big Quilt Bee.  Each block has to have at least ONE fabric from a Canadian collection. The goal is 1,000 quilts by end of the CQA conference in June.  Can you believe, they already have 100 quilts!  And probably THOUSANDS of blocks.

Here was an opportunity to use up some batting pieces.

Joined my batting pieces to make one big enough for this quilt
And there is the gorgeous scrappy quilt - lots of improv!  It just needs a binding.

Community project quilt - DONE

Same panto, but can't see it on the busy back
I have made a few projects from the Oh Canada collections over the past couple of months, so I dug out the binding pieces that were left.  Hmmm, not nearly enough, BUT, I have a plan. I'll share it tomorrow as I didn't have time to get the pictures done.

Scraps of binding
That's all that I managed to accomplish on Day One of my two-day quilting marathon. I did have to teach a class in the morning and well two lap quilts was good for the end of the day work.

Up bright and early on Sunday and after a jaunt to the dog park, I was ready to hit the quilting machine again.

And guess what - there's another Oh Canada quilt to be done. Same customer as the other one - might as well clear them all out.

Customer quilt - DONE
Same backing, same panto, same thread

Then I still have ONE more Oh Canada project and might as well get it done even though it wasn't due until April.

Fourth Canadian themed quilt in two days

Maple Syrup panto looks awesome on it
Phew!!!!   I think I can do that panto with my eyes shut and without a pattern!!!

But then onto the third quilt for that same customer which was NOT Oh Canada fabric. It was SNOW which is just about as Canadian as the Oh Canada fabric.

Customer quilt - DONE

Snowflake panto

I had to do a bit more work on these quilts before the customer came to pick them up.  You know what - I'm going to save that story for tomorrow as I didn't have time to edit the photos.

Have a super day!!!!!


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