Friday, February 3, 2017

Why I belong to a guild

I currently belong to four guilds. I know - it's too many, but there's so much going on at a guild meeting - it's great to go if for no other reason than to learn stuff.

Last night was the meeting for the Mississauga Quiler's Guild.  Here's a recap of what happened and you'll see why guilds are important. The guild has an amazing web site (which I NEED to visit more often), but the webmaster does a great job of putting up all kinds of information to keep the members up todate and for those that are looking for quilting information in our area.  I confess that I'm more of a push person - if the links or the patterns are PUSHED to me in an e-mail, I'll get them. But to remember to visit a web site?  Not going to happen.

We had a short presentation on Quilts at the Creek. This is an amazing show that happens in the summer at Black Creek Pioneer Village here in Toronto. It's an outdoor show and if you haven't been - well you need to check it out. There's going to be a fabulous display of red/white quilts in celebration of Canada's Sesquicentennial, but there will be other quilts on display as well.  If you're interested in volunteering or entering a quilt or just booking the day to come visit, check out the link. I want to make a quilt (of course) and this MUST go on my list to make it soon, no rushing around at the last minute as is the norm for me.

Next up, we had a short presentation from the volunteer coordintor for Quilt Canada.  This show which takes place in Mississauga in June is going to be an exceptional show. In addition to the National Juried Show, there will be other displays, one of which is going to be Quilts of Valour and well, I've forgotten the other displays, but some amazing quilts will be on display.  It's also a good opportunity to check out sewing machine dealers if you're into a new machine or a long arm, so check out the many vendors who will have fabrics, patterns and notions to sell.

I forgot - there is also classes for you to sign up for.  I'm doing TWO lectures and one class.  Please sign up, the lectures - one on Modern Quilting and one on working with Panels. Check out this link to get more information on my lectures. For those of you who've taken a class or workshop with me, you know it's going to be loads of fun. There will be tons of samples, particularily in the panel lecture and loads of ideas.  It's going to be well worth your time. And if you've been wondering about Modern Quilts, come to the lecture, there'll be loads of information and suggestions, etc.

The class I'm teaching is on applique.  If you're trying to improve your applique techniques or don't even know where to start, all the applique techniques will be covered.  Check out this link for more information.

BUT even more important than the classes and lectures, is VOLUNTEERING.  Without volunteers, the show will NOT happen. It can't. I volunteered last year and I LOVED it.  I think I ended up volunteering for two long days and I loved every minute of it. So check out the list and sign up at this link.  I just signed up to be a volunteer again.

There is also a Trend-Tex challenge that you can be part of and many, many other activities, like the Big Canadian Sewing Bee.   Just check out the web site and put any commitments in your calendar with due dates. Book the dates off in June as well.

We were read the most beautiful thank you letter from a family of four that were living in a shelter over the holidays and learned that our gifts to them (quilts) were most appreciated. That's a BIG part of what our guild does. Give back to the community. The Quilt of Belonging was mentioned, more on that another day.

Fabulous show n tell, let's not forget the library (oh shoot - I forgot to check if they have those novels!) and then at last the speaker.

Our speaker last night was Lorna McMahon.  If you don't know Lorna, perhaps you know her blog/company - Sew Fresh Quilts.    Holy - she is a prolific quilter when you consider she started FOUR years ago.  She had taken to quilting and the social aspect of quilting like a duck to water.  I follow her blog and it's just so much fun to see what design she comes up with next. I'm still waiting for a Husky dog!  But maybe I'll have to design one myself.

And there were many of Lorna's blog followers at the guild meeting and they were thrilled to meet her.  I love her and I love her stuff.  Rock on Lorna!!!!

The commaraderie, the excitement - well those are things that you just can't get by sitting at home.  There is so much going on, I forgot the block of the month, the draws, the big sewing bee blocks.

Hopeully you have a guild in your area that you could become part of or if you live in the city, please check out our guild.  It's pretty exciting!

I also should mention that I'm doing a lecture on Modern Quilts at Ruti's Needlebed on Feb 11 - that's next Saturday.  It's only one hour, but if you've no idea what Modern Quilts is all about or want to learn more, come to Ruti's next Saturday.  NO - you MUST sign up as there is limited space.  If there is enough interest, we might continue on as an actual Modern Quilt Guild.  The session is going to be catered to those in attendance.

On a silly note, I got a paper cut on my pinkie. Yep - right on the part that I use to type which makes blogging slightly painful! Hopefully by tomorrow, that stage will be over.

And now I'm off for a day of total silliness. A deadline which at this moment seems impossible, but I'm not thinking about the end, just one step at a time.

Have a super day!!!!


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