Sunday, February 5, 2017

Oh happy day!!!!!

I had so much fun yesterday. It was relaxed, I did mostly what I wanted - well almost and no panicking and no stress.  Oh HAPPY DAY!!!!   I think we need to have those stressful days in order to appreciate the simple, quiet days in our life.

I had some errands to do and spent a great part of the day doing that. I did feel a bit guilty and thinking that I really should get home, but then I remembered that I didn't have anything urgent, so why hurry!

However, when I did get home, I accomplished a LOT.

I'm on Block 23 of the 150 Canadian Women so a bit behind. Some of the reds were cut out, but not the white. Now all the white is cut out for Blocks 23 - 36 and the red is cut out for about 6? of them.

The white scrap bin
 I'm using whatever bits of white that I can find in the white scrap box.  I'm using a lot of solid white.  The reds are a bit more formalized, but not by much. I did have to buy FQs for the reds as I don't have anything much in the way of solid reds. And when I run out of the four new reds I just bought, I'll add a few more.

Blocks mostly cut
 I'll be using the blocks as enders and leaders as I sew today.

Next up was to get the first two blocks of The Canadian Sampler cut. I'm sure the next two block patterns will be winging their way to me shortly and I need to get the first two done.

I hadn't chosen any fabric for this one, but I ended up using a different white for each block - I think I'll be missing two whites. I don't have any reds that I liked so I have to put more reds on my shopping list. And I was at a quilt store yesterday morning and never thought about it.  See why lists are so important???

The whites are chosen and cut for these two blocks
 Once I get the reds, I can start cutting and use those as enders and leaders as well.

I did have a list for my errands and that made it so much easier to shop. Although I did buy a few extra things - not much.  This was one of the extras that I bought.  This wasn't my favourite fabric choice, but it was the only thing I liked in this type of fabric.  Do you know what it is????

Then off to Fabricland where I decided that I needed topstitching thread and yep - the fabric was in the car so I winged it.  I'd say the yellow is OK, but the blue is a bit off.

Matching threads?
 I checked in my stash and I found this blue which I think is better.

Better for matching

I have seen this NEON thread before, but never bought any. What the heck - I bought it and now I have to come up with something to do with it.

NEON orange thread

I did a bit more tidying and guess what?  Yep - I found the book with the things to do - phone calls, etc.  In a bag under two quilts!!!

My missing notebook
 Never did find the pattern that I was looking for, but then I wasn't really looking and NO LUCK on that book of lists, but I'm well over that now.

My biggest problem is that there are too many bags!!!!  At least you can't say that I don't use my tote bags.

Bags full of stuff

So what exactly did I do with the rest of the day?  I did cut as I mentioned, I did select some fabrics for an upcoming project. I did finish sewing that binding on with the invisible thread and started to sew on another binding.  When I went to use the invisible thread this morning, same problem.  OK - let's do the obvious and lower the tension slightly?  Worked like a charm.  DUH!!!!  I should know better.

I hand stitched the sleeve on the quilt last night while watching a movie and this morning, I made the sleeve for the quilt that I bound this morning.

I have a BUNCH of labels to get done today.  I think there are NINE quilts in this stack and all are missing labels. All have sleeves, but two have to be stitched down. That is excellent and if I have my wits about me, I could have NINE finished projects this week. That would be awesome and I could stop carrying them around in my bags!

Quilts that are ALMOST finished
Only one of them is technically mine - the rest are ones that I designed and made for work. Once they are 100% completed, I'll post them on the blog and tell you all about them.

I've started prepping for a couple of classes that are still two weeks away!  Imagine that!

And I'm almost finished this quilt. A few more half square triangles to finish off and sew the last couple of blocks together and DONE and ready for quilting.

Almost finished the piecing

And now the day is stretching out before me with NO deadlines.  I've got a lot planned for the day including a bit more organizing and I can't wait to get started.

OH - the best news of all????   I was sitting on the couch with my iPad and the movie had ended and I had finished stitching the sleeve to the quilt. I thought - let's check to see if I can find the second season, Episode 2 of The Great British Sewing Bee.  YEP - I FOUND IT!!!!   I watched half of it last night.  I love that show!!!!   And I don't call that watching TV.  Watching TV means sitting there for hours in an evening watching the shows.  I watched half of the show and I'll watch the other half hopefully today.  It's similiar, but NOT the same. There are so many Life is Short quotes - well you can check them out.

Have a super day!!!!


I'd check out Lexi's blog - I think she was posting something this morning. Her and Murphy are just like big kids.

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  1. It is so good to hear that you allowed yourself some "Me Sewing" time, Elaine. I just can't imagine how you can get anything done with how busy you are. Love your red and white projects. Both of these are going to be lovely to commemorate our country's 150th!