Thursday, February 2, 2017

How did this happen??

A while back I was working on a project that required a specialty ruler. A 15 degree wedge ruler. OK - so I was working on a tuffet. I'll be teaching a class on tuffets in March and I need to get my samples done!

I'm trying to get all the supplies together and I was searching for a tool, not the 15 degree ruler.  By the way, when I cut my pieces for the tuffet, I had to borrow a 15 degree wedge ruler from someone.  This morning, guess what I found?  Not one, but TWO 15 degree rulers. One I remember purchasing after I borrowed the ruler, but the second one?  Where did that come from???

Two 15 - degree rulers
 And I also found TWO 11.25 SQUEDGE rulers.  Seriously?????   Why?????

To put all this in perspective, last night my friend posted this picture on Facebook. She made it in a day.

Susan's tuffet
OK - I need to get my act together to get my tuffet (s)  (yes there is more than one!)   DONE!!!!

I'm missing one of the tuffet patterns.  Now where would that be???   No idea - I do know it was on the cutting table and I thought I had put it with the tuffet making stuff. Obviously, I did NOT!!!!  I need it TODAY - of course.

One of the booths at Road to California was selling books and magazines. As I've said many times, I don't buy novels. However I happened upon two authors who were selling their books. They were novelists and their books revolved around quilting. Hmmmm - sounds interesting.  One was a mystery writer, the other romance set in Scotland.

I bought the first one in the mystery series (yep - another series!!).  The author is Arlene Sachtano.  I started the book this week as I hadn't gotten anything organized to read next.  It's actually not a bad story line and there are all kinds of references (and correct references) to the quilting process.

Quilt mystery novel
 The other author is Patience Griffin.  I didn't buy one of her books as I'm more into mystery than romance.

Oh shoot, just checked the library and they don't have the mystery books, but they have the romance ones.  I guess I must order one to see if I'll like it.

Speaking of the library. I had to get a new library card last week. My old card was just wearing out and the scanner would no longer read the number. I could manually put the number in the check-out computer but I bit the bullet and got a new card.  What was I thinking??????   I knew that other number by heart. A 14 digit number. So easy and when holds come in, they file the books by the last four digits. ACK!   Now I have to search on a different shelf for my books!   I know - get over it!  And start memorizing that new number.

On that note, I'm in a sewing frenzy. I didn't get my January UFO complete, but no worries, there is not much on the sewing slate this weekend and I plan to get caught up with the January UFO, the tasks in the Task Master that have been languishing and start the February UFO and finish up the two work quilts if they aren't done by then.

Have a super day!!!!


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