Saturday, May 27, 2017

Grab and go!

Well, that was a surprise!

I had an event in my agenda for Wednesday of this week. It said "Quilt Show Event" and the time was scheduled for 7 - 9 PM.  No notes, nothing to back up what this meant. I have to say that I ignored it because I had no clue what that meant.  

Let's keep that thought for a moment. I had a great day at work yesterday, I got TWO tops ready for the quilting machine. Yeah - mitered corners, cutting borders, etc.  Very happy.

I'm on my way home with not a care in the world.  Despite the fact that I'm going to miss the second meeting of the West End Modern Quilt Guild - I feel bad about it, but it couldn't be helped. I have three classes today and I was going to prep them last night. However, I happened to check my e-mail and OH MY GOD - the quilt event was last night and I was supposed to be at Carassauga, a cultural event in my city.

And I'm supposed to be there in one hour!  ACK - what to take. I have to have something to do as I know booth sitting can be long sometimes, but it's only for a couple of hours.

I decided to grab my backpack which had my computer and the materials I've been working on for designing quilts.  Why that?  No idea.

I get there and someone had already set up the quilts from our guild so that was good.  I finished my dinner which I had brought with me and I got a T-shirt and a cowboy hat!  Yee haw!!!   They had a few props, I had a camera and I was good for a selfie!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, hat and sunglasses
Me at the Canada Pavilion with my orange Tim Horton's camp bracelet

I also had my Tim's with me so it doesn't get more Canadian than that!  I left the glasses for the kids so Shelly, no teaching in those glasses today!  Just noticed that the flag behind is from the province where I was born!

Actually, the room set-up was quite good as they had a lot of information about Canada in the room, but I was attached to my laptop.

It wasn't super busy so I didn't feel that bad being on the computer and besides, I was designing quilts so I showed people what I was doing.

It was rolling around to 9 PM which was the time I thought the event ended, but after asking, oh NO - the event goes to MIDNIGHT!!!   Are you kidding me????   I'm going to be dead tomorrow!  But Idid my five hour volunteering stint so I should be good for a while!

So there went my sewing prep - I'll just have to use the visuals in the book, but I'm prepared.

Thank god I grabbed my backpack because I would have lost my mind to be there with nothing to do for 5 hours when I could have been home making quilts.  I think I ended up designing two new ones and fixed one but I'm still not 100% happy with it. I'll send it to the editors and see what they think. It's funny how I used to be a voracious pattern buyer. I still buy them, but not nearly as many and most of what I sew these days is my own creation.  Nothing super complicated because if I'm writing a pattern for it, it has to be easy!

I'm curious -  if I ran a class on how to use EQ7 - are there enough people locally who have it that would want a class?

On that note, I'm off to teach for the day, then back home to do some quilting!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I believe Ronda & I are expecting a private class or 2!lol

  2. Actually that should be that we are guaranteed a class or 2 ;)

  3. Yes Elaine, I would love a small class on EQ7, I still have not played with it very much.
    Pat C