Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quilting on the edge.....................

I know that some of you are probably exhausted just reading about my schedule. However, I'm thriving on it! I know that sounds absolutely bizarre, but I did write the other day how obsessed I am with this hobby/career.  Which of course has only gotten worse now that I'm officially "in" the industry.

I was chatting with another designer yesterday who is madly making quilts for Spring Market. She received fabric for FOUR quilts last week. All have to be done by next Wednesday. She laughed and said she is having fun. She LOVES the rush of adrenline. And I totally get that!

It's like we're out to prove a point - how much can we shove into one day? how many quilts can we make on a dime? Bring it on - the more the merrier!

So I'm going to officially declare that quilting is a sport! Sometimes it's an aerobic sport and sometimes it's not. Now I wouldn't say that quilting is like sky-diving (which I've done - well technically, I've parachuted TWICE). While we quilters can get an adreline rush, it's not like jumping out of a plane. Is quilting like mountain climbing?  Nope - not quite the same.  Nope - I would compare quilting to cycling.  I KNOW - who knew!!!  Why?  Because both are activities that you can do all day, everyday. You can do them alone, you can do them with friends, you can see your accomplishments (well if you're cycling from A to B like cycling across Canada - which I've done!), both are exciting (at least to me!).   That's how I'm justifying not being on my bike these days because I'm behind the sewing machine. Now if I could only figure out how to get exercise while sewing?  Oh yes - I need one of those bikes that fit under your desk - then I would be set. Better yet, I need a sewing machine that operates from pedal power. I did see that on YouTube once. Let me try to find that video.

Well - I didnt' find that video, but I found this.  Seems there is one problem - I'm not sure I can ride the bike AND sew at the same time. Or how about this one - same girl as I was looking for - different video.

Speaking of videos - ACK - I knew this day was coming and well it's arrived!  I made a video. Well - I didn't make it, I "starred" in the video. I tell my quilting students that when they are learning a new motif, they need to stitch the first one, stitch the second one, and maybe stitch the third one and by then all the kinks will be worked out.  Well, here's the first one. A few kinks to be worked out.  But it's all about having fun. NO ONE is allowed to laugh, unless you're laughing WITH me. There are several goofs - can you spot them?  There will be more videos - BUT they will be shorter. This was ambitious!!!   If nothing else, look at the cool stuff in the background.  M?  - Do you recognize any of those things????

And now for a progress report. The one quilt is winging its way to the US officees of a magazine in a FedEx box. Yeah!!!!  I sewed the sleeve on at work. Done!  Check!   I'm working on the last quilt that technically has to be done for Market - well, last quilt top that still remains to be sewn. There is one and a half borders to sew on (bobbin ran out and I need to clean the machine - sounded like a good time to take a break).  The backing is made and all will get loaded on the long arm this morning. I'm debating how to quilt it?  I have several ideas and we'll see once the top is completed.

Got several "story lines" for the blog lined up. Need a major picture taking session and uploading those. That's for later today when I need a break from quilting. Finished that first row on the other one that will be "nice to have".  I would like to put two more rows on if possible which should be doable and then there is my 3-D item.  I will cut it today and see how it goes.

Let's keep that adreline running. My only problem is that I'm older than the designer that I spoke to yesterday. She can pull an all-nighter - I can't!  If I don't get my sleep?  I'm cranky!  But I can go to bed early and get up really early which is what I did today!

Here is a picture of an art quilt that I bought several years ago. It was part of the TrendTex challenge at CQA.  Judy Morningstar is the artist.  It's called Quilting on the Edge!   Yep - that's me in a heartbeat - that's why I paid a lot of money to get this. I absoltuely love it and it hangs in  my studio where I'm reminded every day - quilting is a SPORT!

And on that note, I have two impatient girls who would like to be driven to the dog park!

Have a super day!!!


For my American readers, the video is about a Canadian quilt, but you could easily substitute one of Northcott's American panels in there as well.

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