Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Like a hamster..............

There are days when I feel like a hamster. I'm on a perpetual treadmill that never stops. I hop off to have a rest and then get up and hop back on!

I do take a few breaks in between to eat, but that seems to about it!

I managed to do a few errands on the way home. I had to as poor Miss Murphy had eaten all her dog food and she was starving!  Lexi was kind enough to share although I'm sure she wasn't happy about that.

When I finally arrived home, I had dinner and then down to the studio. I managed to get the binding sewn on that free download quilt of mine which is now packed in a box and waiting to be picked up. I also got another project ready for that box - a quilt top and it's also in the box.

I loaded the next customer quilt onto the long arm and ready to get it quilted tonight.

And now onto the next project which has a deadline of June 16 in the US.  And there are more and more in the wings!  One more that got added to the mix with a deadline of next week. Yes - I can see that my planning skills are a little lacking!  How could this happen? And slowly, one by one, the projects are getting checked off that list of quilts with a deadline.  I see that in addition to my weekly list of things to do, that list of deadline quilts is critical and I need to be very diligent about keeping it updated!

And that's it - I'm off and running!

Have a super day!


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