Sunday, May 21, 2017

Spring Market - Day Two

If you're a keener, there are one and a half hour classes (make and takes) that occur before Market opens each day. I like to take these classes for a couple of reasons. First off, with the time that I get up, what the heck would I do with myself until the show opens at 9:30?  By 9:30 back home, I have half a day's work done. And there is always something new to learn.

I went to the class yesterday on cutters. You see, I have a cutter - I have a Scan n Cut (the first edition) which I have to confess has never been taken out of the box. Guess what brand of cutter they had in the room? Yep - the Brother Scan n Cut, although it was the second edition. How different can they be?

We didn't cut fabric. No, we cut various styles of vinyl which was super fun except that the motif that we got was for the good old USA so I likely won't be using that anytime soon.  We did make a logo for a small tote bag which was fun. Very easy to use and I love that it scans where your stuff is so no need to be super careful on the positioning.  It's when you're cutting fabric that things get tricky and I learned about SVG files which I really didn't understand until they got going. It's never too late to learn. But I must pop over to Alex Anderson's booth (who is right beside us) to chat about a couple of supplies - software and stabilizers.

Back to the booth to get ready for the day. I had a lot of appointments for the day which was good, but we were short on space which was also very good. Let's just say that I'm super flexible and I can set up and chat pretty much anywhere!  So good to chat with the editors. Always lots to catch up on - fabric collections, quilt submissions and a whole lot more. Super exciting stuff for me. Oh gosh, and one more pattern picked up!  I didn't have many designs with me as I just didn't have time to get more done so I'll be working hard when I get home.

I barely got out of the booth all day. Between my appointments and helping the sales reps with customer questions, the day flew by. I did manage to get out later in the day and walked about 1/4 of the show. I have to laugh because the way that I walk the show (as a quilter) and the way a non-quilter walks the floor are two completely different things. I look for new, I look for people that I have a connection with (yes - more talking!)  

I had a long chat with Deb Tucker about the advantages of using her rulers. The last couple of quilts that I had made for the magazines and my Sesquicentennial quilt had a lot of flying geese.  I promised Deb that when I got back home that I would dig out my Wing Clipper ruler and I would use it! I have no choice now but to get my butt in gear and do that. A promise is a promise! Deb is a wonderful person and always a hoot to have a chat with.

I only have two appointments today and the show ends at 4. I would imagine by noon that it will be pretty quiet and I should have a chance to fly around the remainder of the show so I can at least say I was everywhere!  And I remembered to pick up the pattern that I had purchased from a designer. I bought the pattern in Paducah, but it wasn't  finished at that tine so I got it now. See - I do remember things!

I've got my work cut out for me when I get home. Not only do I have quilts to make and finish, I've got to get out the Wing Clipper ruler, I've got to crack open that box for the scan n cut and I've got a tool that was given to me to review.  More on that when I get home. All super exciting things to say the least.

Well, I see it time to get ready for the day.

Have a super day!!


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