Friday, May 19, 2017

Spring Market - Schoolhouse

I had finished my booth set-up responsibilities the day before so that left me with the day to check out Schoolhouse. That was super exciting. I've been to Schoolhouse before but always felt guilty as I went back to the booth to help out.

I went through the class/demo listings and picked what I thought would be interesting (in my day job capacity), not personally. There is a difference! I had a lot of fun checking out various projects/collections etc that are being introduced here at Market. Lots of block of the months (maybe some I can teach when I get home), saw lots of people I know, met up with a few people from back home.

I was planning on going to Victoria Findlay Wolfe's schoolhouse, even saw her, said HI and see you later and then I was called into a meeting and that just killed the rest of my day!  The meeting was interesting and worth attending so I can't complain.  I had also thought of going to Sample Spree, but by the time we finished the meeting, I was too hungry and tired to go to sample spree.  And probably just as well as I really do NOT need any more fabric or rulers or whatever.

I decided to jump ship and have dinner on my own.  While I like my co-workers, there comes a point when I need my peace and quiet. I'll explode without it! I asked at the front desk for a recommendation for a restaurant and they gave me the same one that we had been to the night before. Nope - I would like something else.  How about BBQ?  Perfect even though I'm not a huge meat fan.

Sugarfire was not far away from the hotel so I walked over.  Whoa - this is a popular place. It was about 8 PM by the time I got there - and the place was packed and there was a line.  ACK!  Do I want to wait?  I had no choice - I wasn't going to wander around and find something else. I'm not a big meat eater so what am I going to choose?  I settled on the Big Muddy (I wonder why it's called that?). Sides?  Nope - wasn't into potato salad or coleslaw so I thought I could have a milkshake. Live it up a bit.  Nope - they were long sold out of ice cream. The cashier said they must have made over 1,500 milkshakes that day!!!

This restaurant is cafeteria style. You get a big metal tray with a sheet of paper on it.  They plop your meat choices right on the paper. The salads are in small paper trays - no dishes to wash. My big muddy was actually a burger with a sausage and some brisket.  Lots of other stuff got thrown on and it looked like a huge mess, which it was. But it was AMAZING and that's from a very fussy meat eater.  Tender, tasty and well, I just ate the meat!!!  The rest of the mess, I left on the paper!

Seating was home style. Long rows of tables with old kitchen chairs. It was pretty cool.  I met up with a person who was here to help a friend with their booth for Market and an educator for heart valves.  An interesting dinner conversation and I laughed because if one ate all their food, it was a heart attack waiting to happen!

Back to the hotel and to bed. I had to shut the A/C off last night. Just can't get it controlled, I hate it and I was just fine without it. No headache this morning.

I see that we had a big thunderstorm this morning but I was busy on the computer. It appears to have settled down which is fine since I need to get my butt to breakfast in a few minutes.

Have a super day!!!!


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