Sunday, May 7, 2017

On cleaning house....

Today I did something that I really didn't want to do. I got roped into volunteering with the Good Life Marathon a number of years ago. "You can drive a truck? - We NEED YOU!".  I didn't do it last year as I had just had surgery on my knee but when I got a call a couple of weeks ago, the word NO didn't come out of my mouth. With the forecast for rain this weekend, I was NOT looking forward to the day!

I dressed in layers and as the day wore on, I slowly peeled the layers off. I even wore my rain boots and NO rain!. I was quite happy about that. The day was uneventful, but there was a ton of clothes at the start line as people dressed up to keep warm and once the run started, they shed clothes like a snake sheds its skin.

I told the volunteer leader that I could NOT stay until everything was done - at least I did that much. As I have a lot of work to get done for work.

There is always a shortage of volunteers (or so it seems). Anyway, I got paired up with this very nice lady from the Philippines. We got to chatting about what she does.  You had better sit down for this one. While we were chatting, I was excited, but afterward, it left me depressed.

So what does this lady do? She cleans houses.  OH NO - I should restate that - she is a housekeeper. And I wish I could afford her!  She works for ONE family - FULL -TIME. Seriously???  Four full days a week and two half days. Of course, my curiosity was peaked - what the heck does she do all day?

She works a nine-hour day from 9 AM - 6 PM and two half days. The house is large and they are moving to a brand new house this month. There are the husband and wife who own their own business. And two teenagers (I can't remember whether boys, girls or combination of both).

Monday is cleaning up the shoe closet. I know - I almost drove off the road. The shoe closet?  Yes - she keeps all the shoes clean, probably takes them to the shoe maker if they need repair - oh silly me - those that need repair probably get replaced. I bet she cleans, polishes, buffs or whatever else is needed to keep shoes clean. That would be hard at our house since I mostly wear ONE pair of shoes - she wouldn't be able to clean them since they are on my feet!

She also cleans a room on that day but I can't remember which one. She also tidies up in the morning, making beds and cleaning up the kitchen. The breakfast stuff.

Tuesday is laundry day - she washes and irons all the clothes and puts them away.  STOP drooling!!!!  And this is the day she cleans the dining room which seats 12 or 14.  I think Tuesday is the dining room day.  Baseboards, chandeliers, pictures, buffs the table, vacuums the rugs, etc. Whew - I'm exhausted just writing that!

Wednesday is clean the library day - yes even those FAUX books get removed from the shelf and everything gets dusted. I think she also cleans the billiard room (which we probably call our family room).

Thursday is a big day as more laundry. This time it's all the bedding and towels. Oh, towels on Tuesday as well. All the bedding gets ironed and back on the bed. I would HATE that as I can't stand stiff, tucked in sheets. And then she also cleans the kitchen - top to bottom. The fridge gets emptied and cleaned. The cabinet faces are cleaned and all the cutlery is wiped, the cutlery trays are removed and cleaned out, the pantry is emptied and cleaned. I believe that twice a year, pots, pans, plates and glasses are removed from the cupboards and washed.  Seriously?????   Is that a huge make work project or what?

Friday is tidying and one more room gets cleaned. Let's not forget that there are five bathrooms and a spa/gym in this house or in the new house. Probably both. There are FOUR balconies that need to be washed and kept tidy.

Saturday is more laundry - oh yes - let's get a new towel every second day or could be more clothes.

While that lifestyle seems wonderful, I would DIE to have my house that tidy. And what appreciation for life and life skills will those two teenagers have?

On the other hand at our house, I bet I could vacuum up a liter of dirt at the moment. Those dogs keep tracking in the mud like crazy and when it dries - well there is dirt.

DH has been away all week and he's on his way home and I'm on my way to the airport in a bit. I managed to empty the dishwasher and put all my dirty dishes for the week in there. Must set it to run before I hop in the car. And I best get the vacuum out. There you go - the house is all clean! And that took how long?  AHA - his plane is delayed - I might just get that mud cleaned up!

I know that this family is not alone in employing a housekeeper.  I think it's great if you can afford it and it does employ someone, but to clean to that extent?  I can't imagine!  I would like if someone would come in and help get rid of all this paper which I seem to be totally incompetent to do. I keep saying I will and my heart isn't in it. Well - since I don't seem to need it - I should just toss it all.  Plead insanity and toss it!

While I'm trying to get a quilt quilted today and I'm making progress, the enormity of what has to be done is weighing on me a slight bit. So I took a break and watched an episode of Project Runway from Season 8. Oh boy - that puts things in perspective!  I don't feel so bad now and can actually get moving!

Now out of my way - where's that vacuum?

Have a super day!


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