Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Let's not PANIC!

When one is at a quilt show - any show where there are vendors, one is obligated to browse. Yep - you just have to make time. Not that I was looking for anything in particular - I was just looking.  I did find a couple of intriguing things which I'm not sharing at this moment, but I do have a couple of things that I'm going to share with you. 

First up, I visited the booth of  From my Heart to your hands - Lori Smith. I have loved her patterns for years. Matter of fact, I've taught several of her patterns  - the most recent was Reminisce. And yes I did show her the final show n tell and she was quite surprised at how everyone changed up their quilts. We also did Pieceful Nights in 2010 and Patchwork Sampler in 2007. 

She now has this great collection of patterns and I would have bought them all, but common sense prevailed - it does sometimes!  The collection is called Sew Charming.  I can't find the darn patterns on her website. 

Here is the pattern I bought - it's absolutely adorable and this is the kind of thing that I would love to dabble in!   Adding embellishments, lace, bits of ribbon. I know - so NOT me at all!  The pieces are tiny and really, in my new work-to-pressure mode, I could have the darn thing done in an evening! Which is why this one is still sitting on my cutting table!

OOOPS - got a "REMOVE THIS PICTURE" from your blog note about the picture.  YEESH!!!!!   GET a life!  

If only each pattern wasn't so expensive.  I know - I could just make them up!  Yes, I could! But my brain is so busy making up patterns for magazines and work, that I sometimes just want to follow blindly along with someone else's ideas!!!

Anyway, when I made my quick stop at Hancock's where I wasn't planning to buy anything, I ended up getting into the spirit of things and looked for this which I have had in the back of my mind for a while. Lexi is quite upset because she wanted to post this picture, but I told her that she is way too busy to be posting and so I could post it for her. She is NOT happy.

Pet selfies  - too cute!!!!
And yes, that Husky looks just like Miss Lexi!

More pet selfies!
If anyone is looking to acquire EQ7 MINI - they have a special on right now.  Check out the link.  If you want to dabble in EQ7 (which I highly recommend), the mini version is a great way to get started and you will be able to upgrade to the full blown version if you wish. In other words, buying EQ7 Mini and then buying the upgrade is like buying the full version in installments.

What is the definition of PANIC?  I hardly every panic - I may be a hyper person, I may be a very active and busy person, but PANIC?  I will get very frustrated, but frustration is not panic. No - I don't panic. When push comes to shove, especially when it comes to making quilts - I would never panic as quilting/sewing is second nature to me, heck it's first nature to me. I just grab the fabric and start to sew. Even if I'm running low, my brain is constantly working to find the solution!  So it drives me absolutely crazy when people say I PANIC.  GRRRR!!!!   That is a huge pet peeve of mine. People always assuming things about someone when you don't really know how that person reacts.

Have I panicked??  Oh yes. Like when you're flying out of town in less than 24 hours and your passport isn't exactly where it's supposed to be. And you have a very heavy schedule of things to get done in those 24 hours and NO TIME to get to the passport office to get a replacement. Yep - I panicked that morning, but all is good and the passport is now back in its usual place.  A simple switch of three feet - yes, that can cause panic!

On that note, I'm off to a crazy day.  I've got a ton of quilts (OK just two) to make for Market which is soon - too soon, but there is no need to panic. It will get done!  I made half a quilt last night!

Have a super day!


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