Monday, May 1, 2017

Motivational Monday - and fun times with Victoria Findlay Wolfe

I'll start off this morning with a little fun!  If you followed my blog last week, you know that we were in Paducah. Northcott had a booth in the Dome. In front of our booth was this giant quilt by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  It measures 9 feet by 30 feet.  Here's a picture of ME (two of ME) in front of the quilt. 

Two of me with Victoria's quilt
It was actually because of a group of ladies that I got the idea for the above photo. Three of them had done something similar thing the day before. Now the entire group of them came back. They were seven.  As they were grouping for the photo, along comes Victoria as she was prepping for her last lecture of the show.  SO - I took the picture below and yes - there are eight of them in the photo, including Victoria.  Notice they are NOT all in the same order. 

A group shot with Victoria's quilt and Victoria!
That image was taken on a cell phone with NO editing!!!   What fun and it was very chaotic, but we had a blast.

And here is the group - they had a blast and Victoria is a hoot!

She's a good sport as well as I had to take the photo twice as I didn't get the concept of how to take the picture until the second time doing it.

And now onto Motivational Monday stuff. Lots to do and lots getting done!  Here is some of the stuff that I was working on in the last couple of weeks, but not able to show you.

Tourist Tote Bag with Northcott Stars and Stripes fabric
The Tourist Tote Bag is by Jessica of Sew Many Creations.  I just love her stuff - this tote bag is a snap to make and is super roomy. Of course, I added my non-saggy plasticore bottom in there.

This is another tote bag by Sew Many Creations. This one is called the Trendsetter and the fabric collection is Urban Elementz by Northcott.

Trendsetter by Sew Many Creations

I want to do a little bit of top stitching around the zipper on the top. The bag is super easy despite having two zippers, pockets on the outside, pockets on the inside, and I added the little applique.  One evening - DONE!  Thank goodness, because if I had turned it inside out and something was wrong, there was no time to change that!

And I have to add a bottom to this one. No time last week.

Then I was making those blocks - remember?  We had a giveaway in our booth - a pack of 5-inch squares from the Northcott Stars and Stripes collection. There were 10 five inches squares in the pack.

Northcott Stars and Stripes giveaway
I made SIX blocks like this...........

The free download block
Two were then turned into cushion covers.  My cushion form seems a tad small for the size of the cover. I kept one cushion and gave the other one to one of our customers.

One of two cushion covers
I used the remaining two blocks (two were left as blocks) and made two small wall hangings out of them. I kept one and gave the other to the customer.

Small wall hanging made from Northcott Stars and Stripes

To try something different, I made little triangle pockets on the back so a wooden dowel could be used as a hanger.  No hand stitching - I like that!

Two corner triangles make the hanger - no hand stitching!
Last night, I put the binding on two of these three small mug rugs.  One of them was turned inside out so no binding required. YES, they are gray. They are supposed to be!  But I got the hand stitching done on one - the other one I'll aim for today.

Grey mug rugs - done, well almost
And the last thing I did last night was this chicken pincushion. I've carried this darn kit around forever in my retreat bag and last night seemed like a good time to get it done. Let's just say, it would have been easier to make an entire bag in the time it took me to make this.

Pincushion chicken
I did NOT find the instructions clear at all and ended up looking on the internet for pictures of other ones. The tail feathers were weirdly done in my pattern and I ripped them out numerous times before I took matters into my own hands and created my own version of the tail feathers. I think they turned out not bad!

Tail feathers on the chicken pin cushion
The way the pattern wanted you to do them, the darn chicken looked like a beaver!!!!

Oh yes, I also got a pet mat finished.

One pet mat!
Let's not forget that I got the backing done for the small slab block quilt (for CQA Giant Quilting Bee) and it's loaded on the long arm ready to quilt today.

Quilt loaded on the long arm

Let me tell you a little bit about the mess in my studio!  So this is what my cutting table looked like when I went downstairs. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised as I thought it was much worse than that.

Cutting table when I went downstairs
Did you notice that the mats have been switched?  The new one is where I usually work. In a very short time, the cutting table looked like this!  Not bad. There are a few patterns there, that I would like to add to the schedule so they are there so I can deal with them.

Cutting mat is looking very inviting - I need to cut something!
Even the ironing board was pretty clear. Don't look at the mess behind the ironing board!

Ironing board is good as well
But then there was a huge mess on the sewing machine cabinet beside the cutting table. Now that the cutting mat was clear, I moved that stuff to the cutting table. I like the height and I like the space.

The next batch of stuff to deal with
Once you get it laid out, it doesn't look quite so bad!

The next round of stuff to work on
Which meant that I could move a few things off the floor onto that sewing cabinet. Less stuff on the floor, less stuff to vacuum around and less danger of tripping over it.

New pile of stuff on the sewing machine cabinet

There is still stuff on the floor that needs to be dealt with very soon, but can't do it all in one day!

Stuff on the floor that will get its turn shortly
However, a funny thing happened. When I was working to put the binding on those little gray quilts, I noticed that I was working on the opposite end of the cutting table - back on that old cutting mat!!!  I must be scared of the new one!

Still working on the old cutting mat!
I sat down with the Task Master last night and we had a good chat. I was only allowed to put ONE thing in there for this week. That means I'll be doing some things from previous weeks and need to get completely caught up. However, there are a couple of urgent things that will need to be added!

Anyway - that's it for today. Got to get into my e-mail and all kinds of stuff that was neglected last week.

Have a super day!


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