Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sew Fest

Oh, my god - the rain has stopped for the moment!  Actually, the pavement is dry in parts meaning that it hasn't been raining for a while. My kitchen floor looks like a mud pit. Those girls love to be in and out even in the rain and well - they're having a riot. Dogs are like kids - the dirtier they are, the more fun their having!

I'm embarking on a Sewing Fest for the next couple of days. Nothing official, just my own personal Sewing Fest as I attempt the impossible. How to get FIVE projects done in a few days!

I know - this has to stop because it's getting old.  OH NO - did I actually say that?  It's not that I'm about to give up quilting, it's just that every weekend, every evening, there seems to be something urgent to do and I'd like to mess around for a bit!

But I'm OK with that.  Spring Market is mere days away and that is the reason for this round of sewing.

I had a cutting session last night and here's the scrap basket.  Lots of pretty fabrics - brand new - you can't get your hands on them yet!

Pretty scraps in the basket

And here is my project box. There are four quilts in the box and one 3-D item.

Project box
One quilt is almost together, the backing and binding are cut and need to be sewn together. Perhaps one hour for that one. Needs to be quilted, bound, sleeve, and label by Friday.

Project two has been cut and parts of the fiddly units are sewn together. I've been doing it as enders and leaders and will continue. It has a very urgent deadline, has to be in the US by May 15.  Hopefully, finish piecing the top tomorrow.

Project three is cut out - lots of half square triangles which I hope to make today. Technically it should also be quilted and bound by Friday, but if not - TUESDAY next week.

Project four is partially cut out. It technically doesn't  have to be done by May 16, but I would like to take it to Spring Market with me. Of course depending on what it looks like. It's an experiment.

Project five is the 3-D one.  It doesn't have to be done, but I would like to take it to Market as well. It is super cute!

Wish me luck!!!!   We have a guild UFO day today and why not sew with the group than sew at home alone. I'm all packed!

The other day, I was rooting around in one of the closets upstairs where (YES) more quilting stuff is stored. Guess what I found?  Something that I wasn't even looking for.  A pair of scissors for clipping rag quilts!
Rag clipping scissors
 I knew that I had a pair and knew that I had no idea where they were, so I bought another pair when I needed them a couple of months ago.

Two pairs of rag clipping scissors

I know - that's what happens when you don't put your tools in their HOME location.  Both pairs of scissors are now with all the other scissors.  I wasn't so much into the organizing tools and notions when those scissors got put with the project that they had been designated for.

I'm smarter now (well maybe just a little!).  I have no choice, I can't afford the time to look for things!

And once this Sew Fest is over, the next one is lined up as I have a couple of lectures at Quilt Canada in June and there are a few projects that I NEED for the booth and for my demos. After that, a couple of quilts for magazines and then a breather for the summer!  Yeah, summer!

Speaking of summer, what happened? Did I miss something?  It's freezing outside and I'm about to go to the dog park. I guess I had better dress up like it's winter! The girls - they don't care!

Have a super day!


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