Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Motivational Monday (on Tuesday again!)

Hmmm - there seems to be a trend happening here. I should have thought twice about posting a motivational blog on Monday. Monday morning is not a good morning for me to blog and well sometimes, it gets missed!  I was at the gym, pumping 25 KM out on the bike in one hour.

There is NOTHING like a deadline to get one moving!  As I mentioned, my magazine quilt was finished last week (just in time to get into a FedEx box).  It arrived yesterday and they love it!  Are they just saying that? or do they really like it?  I have to admit that it's a nice quilt and I'm quite happy with it.

I'm lying in bed yesterday morning contemplating my day and BAM! I realized that I was supposed to have pieced a block that technically was supposed to have been in the US yesterday.  I had called and got an extension to Tuesday. That meant that darn block had to be made - again before the FedEx deadline.  Thankfully the block was designed and I quickly grabbed some appropriate fabric and whipped up that block as I visited with my Monday group. I designed a quilt using the block and now the block should be arriving at its destination this morning. Yes - it's worth it for me to set up the machine for ONE hour and sew. That's how restrained my time is these days!  (Don't worry though - I did sit in the backyard in the sun for a week bit yesterday with the girls and enjoyed the sun and I had a nice nap on Sunday afternoon in the gazebo with the girls lounging beside me on the floor!)

I seem to be plowing through the projects, minus labels, but that's OK.  That list is long, well longish - I think there are 20 items on the deadline list (NONE of them have anything to do with my UFOs).  A couple will disappear after tonight and while I'm away, I'm going to have to be brutal with scheduling to see how the rest of the items can get accomplished in the time frames allowed.

I'm madly quilting that 80" square quilt that needed custom quilting. I worked until 9:30 last night and I made good progress.  Part of it was a royal pain as I needed to change thread colors up to 10 times in one row!  That was brutal. Thankfully I'm over that part and now down to about 3 color changes in one row and every row, it gets easier.  I was hoping to get the first pass completed last night, but at 9:30, my brain and body said ENOUGH!   The next pass is with ONE thread color and is the lesser half of the quilt so that should go quicker. Then to bind it and it looks like sleeves will be sewn on during setup day A job for anyone sitting there with idle hands.

I have a quilt to bind this morning when it comes in from the long arm quilter.  The QUILTsocial blog posts are almost completed - I've no idea how those happened!

The 3-D object - not going to happen!  That's OK. I'll finish it and show you cause it's so darn cute.

The other "would like to have" - it's done enough to show the concept.  That's all I care about.

Then to pack which means throwing a few clothes into the suitcase, take a few photos of quilts and I'm ready to go.  Thankfully the next show is local so no need to travel to that one, but there is a ton of stuff to prepare for it (all items are on that deadline list).

And did you know that practice makes perfect? The more I quilt, the better I become.  And I think I much prefer to quilt my own quilts than customers.  I'm not afraid to make mistakes!   I'm quite happy with the quilting on this quilt, my same old signature design. I can't get away from that. Putting on bindings used to be a horrible job, but I don't even know how many I've done by machine and each one is better than the previous one.

The more I write, the fewer errors pop up on Grammarly!  And on and on......  

So - get out there and practice something!

I see from the Facebook posts that you are all going gangbusters. Projects are super awesome and they are DONE which is the most exciting part of the whole process.   Imagine my progress if all my sewing was related to my UFOs?  I wouldn't have any!!!!   My last deadline quilt is July 20 and I will likely have two months with no deadline sewing - that's when I'm going to get caught up!

Have a super day!


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