Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Motivation Monday (yes - I know it's Tuesday) and PUBLISHED!!!

I'm sure we've all been in this position. Loads of work and we all look calm on the outside, yet on the inside, the wheels are spinning, the thoughts are processing. Yep - we've all been there and for some reason, I can't seem to slow down! Just when I say, "just one more quilt and I'll be caught up", something else pops up!  

Nothing new on the radar (at least not last week - but maybe this week!).  I'm getting loads of stuff done, just not necessarily on my own stuff. But I've got hope!  July - that's when I can get back to my own stuff - July!   Of course, that will depend on other people's schedules.  

This past Saturday was a UFO sewing day with my guild.  I wasn't going to go, but then I thought - "why not?  I'm just going to sew at home by myself. I might as well go and be with the group."  I'm so glad that I did. It was a lot of fun, I got loads done and was worth the hassle of going there and coming back!  And did you know that it is at UFO days and workshop days when you really get to know the members of the guild? NOT at the meetings as those are meetings and not a lot of time to socialize. 

I had done a lot of prep work the night before so I was ready to sew. I got one quilt top done, made the binding and the backing. That was all in the first hour (the top was almost together before I went). 

One quilt top - done and ready for quilting
When I got home later that afternoon, I couldn't load it on the long arm as I had this small quilt that needed to be done first.

But it's quilted and just needs to be trimmed and bound. It's part of Canada's Big Quilt Bee and will be donated to Ronald McDonald house.

Community projects quilt - DONE!
Then I got the other quilt loaded on the long arm. That was Saturday night.

Quilt loaded on the long arm
Sunday after my volunteering session, I was in a funk. But there is no time to be in a funk when Spring Market is looming on the horizon. I managed to get the quilt quilted and off the long arm. Of course, I can't share it with you, but here is the back.

Quilt - DONE
I got the quilt trimmed and the binding is now on. I'll be putting on the label and sleeve tonight. One more done and off the list for Spring Market.

On Saturday after I finished this first quilt, I started another quilt top that has to be done for Spring Market. I made good progress on it. I managed to get more of it together and all the cutting and half square triangles are done (or almost done).  I think there are three more rounds/borders to put on and it's done. I MUST remember to get backing today so it can go on the long arm. This one will be carried in the suitcase because there are a couple of other urgent things to be done. Like the quilt that has to be in the US for Monday.  It's for a magazine and I started assembling the quilt top this morning. Nope - you are NOT allowed to make any comments!  None!!

I must remember to get backing for that one as well. I have a pretty wide open schedule for the next week so I'm not worried, but again we are in a situation where NOTHING can go wrong or I'm in trouble.  And then there are still the two bonus projects that I would like to take to Market as well.  And prepping the blog posts for QUILTsocial.

One of my magazine projects is now out!   It's in the latest issue of A Needle Pulling Thread - see the cover below.

Spring Issue 2017 - A Needle Pulling Thread
And I have TWO items in the magazine.  One is a quilt project and the other is an article on scrap quilting.  Be sure to rush out and get your copy!!!

Two items by me!

I seem to be motivated by a deadline - at least in the quilting world.  Although that housework story from the other day did motivate me to tidy up a few things on Sunday night. I'll be making a trip to the donation center this weekend and I spent a bit of time last night deleting e-mails. I deleted thousands of e-mails.  You know you have all the intentions of reading them and I get duplicates of some of them at work, so I just happily deleted a bunch. I really need to go in and unsubscribe, there are some which I want to keep being reminded of the product so when I need it, the info is there!  How silly is that!

So while I'm motivated by a deadline, how are the rest of you doing?  Thankfully I have my Task Master list because if I didn't, there would be a lot of items that would be totally forgotten!  I'm still plugging away at them and I guess I know what I'll be doing at the next sewing retreat which is just a couple of months away!  I can do it!  Just need to keep on track.  NOTHING new is to be added to that Task Master list except stuff that has a deadline!

There is ONE more trade show after Spring Market and there are a number of items that I need to have done for that. One for the booth and several for my demos.  But I have a funny feeling based on the appointments that I have booked for Spring Market that I'm going to come home with a HUGE list of things to do. Maybe not immediately, but - well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Do any of you watch Your Morning??  I don't, but someone alerted me to yesterday's episode.  Have a look at this link and go to minute 37:15.  Don't be horrified by what the lady says when introducing the segment - it will make you cringe! We so need to educate the world about quilts.

On that note - have a super day!!!!


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