Monday, May 29, 2017

Motivational Monday - on MONDAY!

I figure it's better to get the blog post up even if there aren't pictures!

I'm sorry that I missed last week's Motivational Monday. Just a tad too much excitement going on!

My status update?  Loads being worked on, loads being completed. Is any of that my 12 projects for the year?  Nope - none!  Most of what I'm accomplishing isn't technically my own stuff. However, it's either a free download that I designed and want to get put together or it's something for my upcoming lecture on panels or it's something for an upcoming trade show. The project funnel just doesn't seem to end.

The crates arrived - that means, I'm going to dig out the quilts that I finished off two weeks ago and take pictures.  I did NOT take pictures when we were at Market. Shame on me!

I've already offloaded MY box of goodies which I hope to dig through later today.

However, time is of the essence as I have a lot of projects that I want to finish before Quilt Canada and I PROMISE to take pictures of those quilts in our booth.

I have declared that I need to be sewing in the officer half a day, every day until Quilt Canada. In addition to prepping some items for a SR (which will do double duty in my lecture presentation), I have stuff for the booth.  I have a few customer quilts that need to be done and those will occupy my evening time so sewing HAS to be done in the office which I'm perfectly happy with.

On Friday, I managed to get TWO quilt tops sewn.  Both of them were my own design - one of them exists on the Northcott website but I won't tell you which one just yet. But it ended up looking super cute and now I just need a young boy (or could be a girl) to enjoy it. That's a huge hint as to which pattern it is!  The other quilt top was a quick one that I designed to help out a SR presentation, but as I mentioned above, it will do double duty for me as well.  That one you'll see in a bit. A smidgen of another top got put together and I hope to finish that one and get working on the one that I cut this morning for the magazine deadline which coincides with the Quilt Canada dates. Of course!  Thankfully, I'm a very skilled and confident sewer (at least I like to think I am). There is ZERO time for major mistakes.

So while I'm getting lots done, it's not what I would be doing if I wasn't working!

Now last night, I had a rude awakening. I was looking for a particular book. I frantically searched my bookshelves - ALL of them and the few stacks of books on the floor. Nothing - who knows where this book is. Now, this is a lesson - I'll bet any money that that book is in a project box because I found some amazing fabric and wanted to make it. If that is the case, the project box is NOT labeled - trust me - I looked.  I've already made this quilt - I have that quilt, but where is the darn book. I hate to buy a new one - that would be silly and I can't imagine that I gave it away. I don't give books away unless they are duplicates. I noticed that this author had a second book out and when I tried to order it last night, it couldn't be shipped to my address???  That's weird, I'm going to try again today.

However as I was rifling through the projects, I was appalled. There are so many. My only thought was - I better live a long healthy life or someone is going to have a huge mess to clean up!  It was obscene the amount of stuff that I found. And I did find one project that I had been looking for so that was good!

Enough about me - how are the rest of you doing???  I don't think I've seen too many posts on Facebook, but perhaps that was because I haven't really had time to be on Facebook.

We're almost at the halfway point of what we committed to. I have a sewing retreat (I know - another one!) in a month. Five days - I better choose very carefully what comes with me or I'm be rushing around in December to get all my 12 UFO projects done!  I bet I could squeeze at least three of them into ONE tote bag. God forbid that I have a relapse and fill the car with projects that have no hope of ever getting done! And after this trade show, there is a lull - almost four months!  Wow!!!!

On that note, I'm off to sew for the afternoon in my office.

Have a super day!!!!


PS -- for those of you from out of town and have an excellent excuse to not come to my panel lecture, I'll be posting some of the pictures on the blog AFTER the event!

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  1. I know a wee boy who would absolutely love that quilt! Seriously .... if you decide to sell it, please let me know! He is 5 and love his cars!!!!