Friday, October 13, 2017

A cover girl - almost!

The days are starting to blur together.  Get up, cut fabric, sew fabric. Go to work - cut fabric. Go home. Cut fabric, sew fabric! 

I'm almost, but not quite done with all the cutting.  I think I have at least one more good solid day of cutting and then a LOT of pressing and a LOT of sewing and some quilting.  I find cutting is very relaxing and I could cut all day!  Which under the circumstances is a good thing. 

However last night when I was cutting, my mind wasn't there.  I cut this bigger piece so I could get TWO squares that measure 6 ½" square.  Well, as you can see below, the ruler shows the first 6 ½" square.  I don't think there is enough to the right to cut one more 6 ½" square.  DUH!!!

Oops - not big enough to cut TWO 6 ½" squares

However, that was the very first piece and I learned. The rest is cut and ready to sew.  I didn't cut the sashing yet. I'll leave that for tonight. Look at these jewel tone fabrics.  They are to DIE FOR!!!!   They're from Northcott's Essence collection. The fabrics are available now.  Check out the product finder on that link (top right-hand corner) to find a shop near you!  And if you want to make the quilt that I'm making, it's one of my free patterns.  Hit the FREE PATTERNS link on the right sidebar (one more NEW thing about the blog) and look for Jeweled Tiles!

Quilt blocks - cut and ready to sew

And then I got an envelope in the mail last night.  Part of me feels a bit guilty saying this, but what the heck. If we don't promote ourselves, who will?   So in the envelope was a magazine. Actually two magazines. And in the magazine was another one of MY quilts!  How super exciting is that!   I'm going to be posting them all soon with pictures of the quilts so you can see them. 

Now if you look really really closely at the top left hand of the cover, there is a part of my quilt!
My goal is to make the cover and more than just a wee circle at the top!  I want the full deal!  If we don't have goals, they will never happen!

McCall's Quick Quilts - December/January 2018

This is not likely on the newstands just yet, but wait for it!   And yes - there are more quilts coming.  I'm not sure how many, as I've totally lost count!   I'm about to get into a heavy design session - well as soon as Market is over.

I was all up to date on hand stitching quilt sleeves on and bindings all sewn on by machine when I received a quilt yesterday for display with NO sleeve on it!   Seriously people - how the heck do you expect me to hang a quilt without a sleeve? I shall be having a little chat with some designers after Market. The sleeve is made and I have a meeting this morning so I'll be hand stitching in the meeting. 

On that note, I've got more cutting and sewing to do today. Another super exciting day!

Have a super day!


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