Wednesday, October 25, 2017

And they said it couldn't be done!

Oh boy -- another incredibly long day.  I'm not sure how I manage to keep going although I do find Nanaimo bars are quite handy to have on hand!  I have no craving to eat food when I'm at work or even on a normal day but put me on a deadline and I want FOOD!!!   But then we have nothing in our house and I'm too busy to go upstairs to get it (if we had it) so that is a good thing!  Then my mind wanders off and I forget!

After another insane day, this is what my cutting table looks like this morning. One pair of shorts that needs a button sewn on. They're not for me, but I guess with everything DH does around the house, it's the least I can do for him.  Let's not mention that they've been there for over a month!  A small item to be quilted which I had no idea how I was going to fit in the day, but then got news that it doesn't have to be quilted until after I'm back!  Now that was good news.

The stack on the right is the "would be nice" and at this point, it isn't going to happen!

Cutting mat this morning

A cool quote and I think it's one that I've been living by for the last couple of days!!!   Although I don't know about the SHOULD part!  I SHOULD learn to say NO!  or I SHOULD learn to schedule things better.

So what did I actually get done yesterday?   I got the quilt top and the backing sewed together. Loaded them on the long arm and realized that I did not have WHITE batting to quilt it with.  So off to the quilt store where I bought white batting and this!   Can you imagine that a 25 FQ bundle is an impulse buy!   I must be mad! As if I need more fabric!!!!!   I was just so happy that major progress was being made - I didn't care!

My impulse purchase

The quilt got quilted and I LOVE IT!!!   I have to say that it's one of my favorites so far.  Very cool and it took hours to custom quilt it, but I think it's worth it!   It's off for a photo shoot as soon as I hand stitch the sleeve on.

I got the tote bags completely done!!!!    I can't believe that as that was a long process, but the pieces are done and should take each recipient a minimal amount of time to sew them together! 

I have two other projects (no quilting involved) that I would like to get finished before I get on a plane later (much later) tonight. One is big and all cut out and about 1/2 sewn together and the other is small, and not cut out. 

I have some paperwork that has to be done this morning and then I'm back to the sewing machine to attempt the impossible!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Shorts season is over so put them away for next year. That's my favourite way to deal with mending. If you fine them next year, you can do it then. I'm so not nice

  2. Oh boy --- I would love to, but I better not considering all that he does around the house!!!