Sunday, October 1, 2017

Can't we all just get along?

Yesterday was a crazy day (as usual). I had a mild panic attack the day before when I received a notification that the start time of my class was noon.  That's NOT normal for a Saturday and I was thinking that maybe I had entered the start time incorrectly?  Nope - back to the e-mails to verify that there was a bus trip in the morning and that's why the class was scheduled for later. Phew!

Besides the class using the Quick Curve Ruler, I managed to remake the quilt top for the magazine that I wasn't completely happy with. I had quickly checked to see if I had enough fabric to remake the top and with the exception of one piece, I was good. Or so I thought. As I was recutting the pieces, I realized that I was short of one fabric by about 5".  DRAT!!!   There's NO time to go shopping for more - it's already late at night. Well in the evening. I decided to partially disassemble the first one I made and reuse those pieces.  So while watching a movie last night, I removed the border from the old one and took out the three pieces that I needed and it's together and loaded on the long arm ready for quilting later today. The binding is already made. It's a wall hanging so shouldn't take long to quilt, but I'm going to do some custom quilting on it. Not heavy but it deserves more than a panto!

Today will be an insane day as - well, I'm not going to go there. Let's just say there are some deadlines. I'll do what I can and plead for a day extension if I need to and all will be good. Bottom line - I'm having fun and that's all that counts.

As I come across interesting things, I often save the links in unpublished blog posts. Today this is the one that popped up. I can't share the photos of what I'm working on and I'm saving a few things for Motivational Monday which is tomorrow.

This was the topic that popped up - it blows my mind that people think they have the right to do what is described below.

This quilter had a run in with the Quilt Police. You can read all about it here.  I find it totally unacceptable that someone would do this.  We all have different skill levels, different things that appeal to us, different colors that we like, etc.   I give kudos to the author as she is still friends with the person who did this to her. I don't think I would have tolerated that behavior!

A situation like this occurred much closer to home. I wasn't part of it but heard that in a RETREAT (so in front of other quilters), the "teacher" - YES the TEACHER told one of the retreat participants that her binding wasn't on properly and proceeded to rip the binding off the quilt!  Not seam rip it off - just yank and rip!  If I would have been the quilter (the woman whose quilt was binding was ripped off), I would have demanded my money back and left.

Let's think about this for a second.  What gives these people the right to demean someone else or someone else's work?  If you ask me - it's a form of bullying!   Check out that description on the internet.

I feel that what happened in these two situations is wrong - totally wrong. Victims of these kinds of situations are often quiet or have learned to let this kind of behavior go.  But if we allow this to continue, we're saying it's OK to let others continue to bully. Think of it in the sense of children.  Would this behavior be tolerated today on the playground?  I think NOT!   I won't let it happen in my quilt playground!

It's time for us to SPEAK UP and not let these "superior" quilters think they are better than us!

By the way - I love Karlee's quilt.  The first time I saw it (on her blog), I didn't even notice that strip in the middle! I think it's a fabulously "planned" quilt!  Would I put it together that way?  Nope, but it worked for her!

Did you mark the weekend for the Van Gogh (CherryWood) challenge on your calendar?

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!


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