Saturday, October 14, 2017

A secret......

There is NO way that I'm going to tell you what needs to be done before the crate leaves next week. And NO way that I'm going to tell you what else needs to be done before I leave.  You all think I'm a loonie tune now - and if you didn't, those numbers would tip the scales for sure.  Nope - I'm keeping all that a huge secret.  Even from myself because if I really understood the sheer amount of work that still needs to be done, I might shut down and there is zero time for that!

So as I work, I'm prioritizing - what can get done in this amount of time. What shortcuts can be taken - amazing how quickly your brain can come up with shortcuts for cutting when there's a deadline. My brain is working overtime but I think I've got all the cutting figured out. Now it's just a question of getting it all cut out and moving onto the sewing part.  So far so good. On track?  Well I would like to have all the cutting done by the end of today but I'm not sure that is going to happen. There's a lot!  But it could be done!  And that would be a relief.  I'm thinking how can I take a portable sewing setup to Houston on the crate. A sewing machine? An ironing board? It can be done!  I'll keep you in the loop as each problem gets solved!
The scrap basket
Don't think I've ever had to empty that scrap basket so often! And it's all going in the garbage and I'm perfectly OK with that!

And it looks like I'm going to be staying home for a couple of days this coming week to get all this stuff sewn. There are so many distractions at work - like my job! -  that's there's no time to sew.   

I rarely get to a quilt store these days unless it happens while I'm travelling.  I miss visiting and seeing what's new in person. I see much on the internet, but it's not nearly the same as seeing it in person!  I had to pick up a quilt from Sew Sister's and decided to brave the traffic yesterday to do so.  Why is traffic geting so stupid?  People are taking more and more chances all the time time and it's freaking me out!  People cutting in and out, cutting people off and speeding. It's totally insane!  Breathe in deep, count to three, hold for three, exhale, count to three. 

So while I was there (there being Sew Sisters - which is about 20 minutes from work), I had to have a peek around the store and look what I found!   Yes - bicycles!  How fun is that. Of course, I had to buy some.  I did pick up a few more things as well. I may or may not share those with you.  I must confess that the purchases that I make in the last couple of months are still sitting in bags on the floor!

Bicycle fabric

There appears to be zero time in getting stuff done!  However you're going to laugh when you see one of the projects that I'm working on!  It was one of those moments of insanity and I'm all for double dipping. If I have a personal project that I can use to help with work, then I'm all about getting it done! Wait for that one!
The problem with some of these is that they are going to get such a small amount of focus time, but takes hours to make that happen.  That's the problem in our industry!

Did you check out the new tab on my blog?  QUILTsocial Blog posts.  Yep, M has been hard at work behind the scenes and has compiled the first two years of posts that I've written for QUILTsocial. I'm super excited about that because it will help me to direct people if I want to show them something specific.  Like there was the video about that twirling of the binding. It's in there somewhere - I need to look at my master list to get the specific post.  But it will happen!  We need to compile the next two years worth of posts - there are fewer of them!  No time though until after Market.

Just so you don't think I'm going to have fun at Houston (Market), although yes, we wiill.  But we have two booths to set up, there are many scheduled meetings with various people over the course of the show and inbetween those meetings, I'll be out checking the floor, catching up with people and doing some research!  And let's not forget that almost every evening, something is scheduled.  And I don't get to go back to my hotel for a nap if I'm tired!  Oh yes - wear comfortable shoes!  But it's all fun if you go with the right mindset!

On that note, I'm out of here.  The girls are somewhat patiently waiting to go to the park, if you call teasing each other and Lexi howling patiently waiting!

Have a great day!!!!


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