Tuesday, October 3, 2017

One more down - two to go!

Technically that isn't true since I didn't quite get the sleeve sewn on the quilt yesterday.  One half is sewn down and the other half will happen this morning. 

However, I did get the second quilt quilted and trimmed last night. Then onto the binding which is bias. The binding is a striped fabric so I thought it would look better as a bias binding and really doesn't take any longer than the regular binding. This morning, I've managed to sew the binding on and I'll hand stitch the sleeve which I made last night.  I want both of them to be gone by 3 PM this afternoon.

That leaves two more to go.  Both of the tops are done, but I have to piece the backing on both and make the binding, some of which will be trickier than others since I'm using smaller pieces so I have to jiggle things.  But shouldn't be a problem.

Can you believe the date?  Yes - it's October. I'm not ready but well we just have to thrust both feet forward and make this happen!

Last night as I was humming along I realized something. If I did NOT have deadlines for these quilts, they would still be sitting there. I love having a deadline. I just hate having four of them at the same time! Which means that I need to get better organized! Yes - that Task Master and I are going to have a chat this weekend. 

On that note, this has to be short and sweet as I've got a load of stuff to do today!!

Have a great day!!!


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