Monday, October 9, 2017

It appears that I don't get out much!

Prior to going back to work, I had the entire day to mess around. If I needed something, I could pop to the store whenever I wanted. I had my regular routine, regular stores and I made the rounds somewhat often. I was in the know. Even in my own neighborhood. If something happened, I would notice. Not anymore!

About three weeks ago, I was driving down one of the streets on my shopping route. Yep - I'm predictable. I need a Chapter's for books, Henry's for camera supplies, the quilt store - any will do, Fabricland for supplies not available at the quilt store, and the grocery store. That's about it.

So when I was out, I noticed that there was a NEW Henry's pretty close to me. Oh - that's good. Then the other day, I realized I needed some camera supplies so off I went. This was yesterday when I needed a break from the sewing machine. I was chatting with one of the staff and asked them if this was a new location. Oh no, we moved in MARCH from their old location in the next city over.  Technically they are still the same city. You see one side of the major street is one city and the other side is my city! It's pretty weird. Imagine this. When I shop at Chapter's, I'm in Mississauga, when I get dog food just across the street, I'm in Oakville!  Henry's is in Oakville. Just closer now - much closer.  Does that even make sense?

Then I popped into the Fabricland which is in Mississauga just down the street and around the corner from these other stores.  A HUGE sign on the window - MOVING.  Oh god - where are they moving to?  Yep - they're moving to Oakville!  But just across the street!  I had a good chuckle about that.

The bottom line is that all my favorite places to shop are still in one line and probably better now as I can go on the back street to these shops and miss the traffic on that crazy big street that divides the two cities!

Yesterday was yet again, another long day. But a very productive day.

I got the top for one of the magazine quilts done!  It was funny because as I'm sewing, I realized that I'm missing a piece. Now how can you be missing a piece?  When you make half square triangles, you always have a pair. Well, I seemed to be one short.  But as the blocks flew together, it appeared that I had made TOO MANY blocks.  Yep - 12 extra blocks and no missing half square triangles. I had cut an odd number of the frame piece. DUH!!!  Well, what does one do with 12 extra blocks?  I can't put them on the back as they will shadow through to the front, so I joined them and made a small wall hanging!  The binding is done and I just need to get some backing for this one so it can be quilted.

I quilted the quilt that was on the long arm! Using my fun freeform style.  It looks great although the colors are pretty intense and at times, I felt like I was being blinded by the colors!  I used a different brand of thread than normal and after I quickly ran out of the first spool (which was partially used), I was a tad worried that I wouldn't have enough to finish and my mind was racing as to who I could contact that would likely have this thread.  Luckily, I had enough.  The binding is now on (both sides). Thank god for machine stitching the bindings down!  The sleeve is made and pinned on, waiting to be sewn later today!

I made the sleeve for one more quilt and it's pinned on, ready for sewing later as well.

I got the sleeve hand sewn on the lap quilt and ONE of the minis.  It looks like I might have to watch another movie tonight to give me something to do. Or I dig out my iPod and listen to a book on tape.  I think I might do that.

So far this weekend, I'm on schedule.  Today I assemble tote bags. That's my massive project - I have a ton of tote bags to prep before we leave for Market. Some of the Monday ladies helped with the initial sewing part and now it's my turn to cut bottoms, linings, fuse the interfacings on.  Oh yes - it's going to be a fun day, to say the least!!!

When I went to Tim's to get my tea, although, with all the tea in my house, I can't figure out why I need to go to Tim's.  I did make tea for myself the other day and I survived!  Habits!!!  I decided to splurge and get a pumpkin spice muffin.  It's the only one of the season for me.  Love the muffins - hate the calories!  I'm doing pretty good with control of candy and chocolate, but if they are in the house - well I do have to eat them!  Trying not to buy!

Pumpkin spice muffin

It's pouring rain - can you tell the girls that we're NOT going to the park today?  They are NOT happy, but I don't feel like standing in the rain and dealing with TWO wet dogs. No one else will be there.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!  I did get my pumpkin pie last night.  With REAL whip cream.  Yummy!  But here's the thing - I bought that HUGE pie at Costco.  It's HUGE!!!!   We didn't need that big of a pie!   That's why I do not have a COSTCO membership!

On that note, let's see how many tote bag kits I can assemble today!

Have a super day!!!!


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