Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Quilt shows!

As I was taking a break last night to finally eat something. I usually have a stomach of steel, but last night - well I wasn't hungry.  How did that happen?  Must have been too much of that darn pumpkin pie on the weekend!  I couldn't even contemplate the thought of eating that pie last night.  I wasn't sick, just wasn't hungry! 

So I'm reading through a local magazine and I came across this. If you live in Mississauga or surrounding area and you are a quilter - you might want to mark this on your calendar.

The show is called A Thread and A Story at the Bradley Museum which is located at 1620 Orr Road.  The show runs from September 9 - February 25, 2018.  Once this madness called Market ends, I plan to do something with my weekends that has NOTHING to do with a sewing machine!

I also came across another show in Oakville. This is called The Wearable Art Show on Friday, Oct 20 and 21. I doubt that I'll get to this one as it's the weekend before we leave for Market, but the other one I should be able to make.  But it's a collaboration between the students from the Textile Program at Sheridan and the Fashion Design program at Fanshawe.  That would be awesome to see.  I went to the Textile program at Sheridan and LOVED IT!!! 

And you may have seen this on Facebook, but this is the quilt that's in the magazine on the sidebar right now.  Love of Quilting  (Nov/Dec 2017).  This is the magazine's stylized shot of the quilt.  It's a beautiful quilt. The fabric collection is Tis The Season by Northcott.

Going to have to sell these quilts as I'm getting a huge stack and what do I do with them all???

On that note, I'm cutting again today and writing and e-mail and all that fun stuff!!!

Have a super day!!!


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