Tuesday, May 9, 2023

It's good to be back home again!

So the blog title today is from a John Denver song! And it really is good to be back home again, although yesterday was a topsy-turvy day where stuff got done but not as much as I would have liked. 

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend following up on things or getting things repaired? Or those errands of life that have to be done? It's crazy! 

I have John Denver on my playlist, but since that Sonos speaker is giving me grief, we didn't get to hear the song last week! I've e-mailed the company, and let's see what happens. Otherwise, I'll buy a new one, which won't be a Sonos. 

So my door latch wasn't working properly, and we got a new one, which I haven't had time to install yet, only to realize that our LOCK went on the fritz. Yep -- it's one of those keyless entry locks, and it's been sounding a bit weird (not the battery), and yesterday -- it died! I can still lock the door, but from the inside only. Sigh.....................  Now I have to figure out how to get that fixed. Does it belong to me? Or will the security company that installed it fix it? More than likely, it needs to be replaced, and quite frankly, I'm not inclined to do it. I can, but do I want to?

Then I took my mother in law to get her new health card. In our province, we've had red and white health cards forever. Many years ago, they started to switch that over to a photo card, and I never switched mine, and neither did she. We had appointments booked for March 2020 and we all know what happened that month. 

Well, it's urgent now that she get a photo ID card, so I figured a Monday near the beginning of the month in mid afternoon would be a good time to go. We had to wait about 30 minutes, which was excellent. There was a chair for her to sit on, and I people-watched! Then I had to drive my SIL to the airport. Thanfully the traffic was decent, and I was back home fairly quickly. I LOVE living near the airport, but not on top of it! 

I had something shipped from the west coast last week, and I can't wait for it to arrive. The last tracking was on May 5 - then for several days - NOTHING! ACK! What's happened? OH -- I see it arrived at the depot last night - it was on a truck for three days! Hopefully, it will come today or tomorrow. No notice yet, but it's almost here - I can hardly wait to see it!

I felt out of sorts all evening, and while I puttered a bit, I did nothing, which is unusual for me. OK --- STOP looking at pictures of the Coronation. It's done! However, I'm now home alone - well, with the girls and I have no one to take care of, and I'm going to hit the machines with a vengeance. I've already been up sewing for a couple of hours. 

I'm still trying to clean up the pile of stuff that came home from the retreat. I emptied all the bags onto the floor as I was looking for something I haven't found yet. I just remembered where it is, and I should run right now and dig it out. 

Shoot -- I looked in the bag and did not find the item. Where did it go? 

Retreat stuff to sort

And I need to sharpen the pencils in my retreat sewing box. Better yet, I should find a pencil sharpener that stays in that toolbox. Something to add to my errands when I walk. Today, it's all about going to the grocery store, as there is not much to eat in the house unless you count strawberries and whipped cream as food! 

Pencils to sharpen for the retreat toolbox

After all my research and chats with others, my small retreat toolbox worked perfectly! I've got everything I need in one small box. There's no need to carry a huge box, and I'd like to take even fewer machines and projects to the next retreat! Well, that's my intent!

Lots of classes to prep, and I'm trying not to leave it to the last minute, so it requires a bit of scheduling, which shouldn't be too hard. Let's hope that I stay on track! 

I'm off to the foot specialist today, which is good. My blister that is healing is itchy like mad! I just need to start looking at socks! Thin Merinos are on the list, and I also want to try the toe socks. But I'll wait (obviously) until after I've chatted with these people. They will not tell me much I don't know, but it's best to check things out. Then the experimenting begins. Bring on the HOT weather, and I'll be outside as much as possible with socks, sandals, and shoe combinations! 

The key to all this is to PREVENT the blisters from happening. So I'm arming myself with the right supplies, and I MUST be mindful of any twinges in my feet. I must stop IMMEDIATELY and treat the hotspot. I cannot afford the same problems as last year. 

So I have a helper in Studio B. Oh, Murphy --- after she got the section to the left of her dirty, she insists on sleeping where my quilt is. 

Mom -- just helping rearrange the blocks

And then let's just carry those pieces all over the place. Yes, there is a blue square near her butt. 

Mom -- I didn't like where that block was, so I moved it!

Good grief, Murphy; it's hard to work when she's trying to help. It's all back on the wall, and let's hope it stays that way. Perhaps that's her way of encouraging me to put it together? 

Murphy, the helper

And what's with Lexi? I looked up when I was having lunch, and she was sitting in my office, looking quite pleased with herself. She NEVER does that! I think there's been too much unfamiliar activity in the house, and they are "traumatized" over it. Well, with just myself to entertain them and NO speaker to play music, it will be dead quiet around the house! 

MOM -- just hanging out where no one else is

Yikes -- I just looked at the calendar, and YES -- there is a LOT of stuff that needs to be done because I'm away for a good part of the rest of the month! 

There is loads of paperwork to accomplish today, and I made some inroads on that yesterday. Every little bit helps! 

On that note, I'm out of here to figure out how to fix a lock and many other sundry things! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Seriously….I would LOVE to have someone that would look after all those “little bits”…the scheduling of appointments and the keeping on top of what needs to be completed and when; all the minutiae that eats up precious time!

  2. Today I went to the dentist; I had to make a follow up appointment, which I made for Wednesday. I got home and told my husband when the appointment was. He said, "You have medical appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of next week."
    I had to laugh, because each one is no big deal, but they certainly are a time suck! Staying on top of all of them is also a time suck.
    Still, not as bad as the year I fought breast cancer. I swear they looked for a day you didn't have an appointment, to schedule any new appointments.
    This not what I thought my retirement would look like!